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  • Currently working on: I am a Google Summer of Code 2016 (GSoC) student who is doing a project related to commons.wikimedia and pywikibot (T133762).

GSoC 2016 - Image categorization in commons.wikimedia

The crux of the project is to categorize images on wikimedia using a smart bot, mainly with exif data and computer vision techniques. This was done earlier, in pywikibot-compat (using the catimages script and DrTrigonBot) but became unsupported. This analysis is partially using exif data to decide on categories like Category:TIFF, Category:JPEG, Category:Portrait, etc. and also using more complex techniques for face detection, chessboard calculations, etc. to decide on categories like Category:Faces, Category:Unidentified people, Category:Chessboards, etc.

The great feature about this is that worse case scenario, it partially categorizes images allowing the smart humans that triage it to find images they'd like to categorize faster. If you have an suggestions and categorizations you think might be useful to you, drop in at #gsoc-catimages on freenode or contact me personally. If you're interested in tracking the project you can find all updates at the phabricator task tracking the weekly progress: T133762.