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Creation of a Wiki Document for UTC SetupEdit

1) Log into First Class

2) Click on Grad 2013

3) Go to Grad 2013 accounts, thats where the information to log into Universal Type Server.

File:Image:shot 5 edit.png

4) Go to Applications then > Universal Type

File:Image:111014 102533 2.pngFile:Image:shot 4.png

5) Use the information that was given in step 3 to connect to the Server.

In Universal Type ApplicationEdit

File:Image:shot 7 edit.png

6) The QuickFind is used to search up certain text/ fonts

7) The little box with lines in it is used to change the sentence (e.g. The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog)

8) There is a horizontal line with a little circle that you can zoom in and out of the text

9) The little box with the numbers are font sizes

10) This is a list of all the fonts, under each file has different types of fonts (e.g. Bold, Italic, Roman, etc.)

File:Image:shot 9 edit.png


Temporary: only use font once, then deactivate after use

Permanent: use font all the time

Deactivate: deactivate font

12) To log out of Universal Type Client, go to Server > forget connection.