Universal Language Selector/Design/Interlanguage links/Compact interlanguage links as a beta feature

Contact Information edit

Name: Niharika Kohli

Email: niharikakohli29@gmail.com, Available to chat on GTalk

IRC Handle: Niharika

Location: New Delhi, India

Typical Working Hours: GMT+5:30, free to work during the day for most of the days in the internship period. Typical working hours, 5PM to 1 AM.

My semester ends by the end of this month. I will have vacation till mid-January. After that, for the remaining period of around twenty days, I can take off from college. I am ready to give about 50 hours per week to the project work. The project shall be completed well within the stipulated time.

Synopsis edit

This project deals with compacting the usual list of Languages you normally see on any Wikipedia and/or WikiMedia page and displaying only the few languages which are relevant to the user who is browsing the website. How this will help:

  • People spend a lot of time searching for their language. And they have to do this for every time.
  • The number of languages can exceed 200 on popular pages, which can lead to difficulty in searching for a specific language.

How this project aims to resolve this issue:

  • Based on the user's location (regional language), browser settings (default language,) and previous choices, we can display the list of relevant languages to the user.
  • Allow the user to search for the languages not being displayed by default

Microtask edit

Link to Microtask

Link to code

The microtask is a mockup page which integrates with the jquery.uls. It displays a small set of random languages initially. This list keeps changing when a language from the jquery.uls window is selected to accommodate the most recently selected language on the top. The coding is done entirely in JavaScript.

Deliverables edit

Project timeline: December 10, 2013 - March 10, 2014 edit

November 1 to December 10 edit

  • Setup the development environment and resolve issues during setup.
  • Get involved with the community
  • Work on a microtask- a dummy of how the actual ULS will work

December 10 to December 30 edit

  • Implement UniversalLanguageSelector (ULS) as a beta feature. i.e. allow users to volunteer to try and/or locally install it.
  • Extend ULS to hide a part of the language list and display the rest on clicking of a ‘More’ button. Display only the first few languages.(A dummy for this can be found here)

January 1 to January 25 edit

  • Extend the above to display the languages based on their location, browser settings and previous choices.
  • Improve displayed languages based on relativity to current language.
  • Further improve it based by displaying languages for which more popular(quality) articles are available.

January 26 to February 25 edit

  • Test the ULS on different browsers and devices.
  • Take user feedback Make changes/improvements, based on mentor, community and user feedback.
  • Bug fixing

February 26 to March 10 edit

  • Testing on different browsers
  • Writing documentation

Project progress report

About Me edit

I am Niharika, a third year undergraduate from the Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University of Delhi. I am majoring in Information Technology. My key areas of interest are algorithmic programming and web design. I am proficient in C, C++, Python and web technologies, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I developed a web-application as part of a team in a summer workshop in my sophomore year. It can be accessed here.

I'm new to open source and this project seems like an ideal starting point for a newcomer like me. I'm excited about this project because it will give me an awesome learning opportunity. And give me a much-needed exposure to open-source programming. I hope to learn a lot from my mentors and peers and take back a lot from this experience.

Past Open Source Experience edit

I am new to open source and this will, hopefully, be my first project for an open source organization.