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Ctrl-clicking and middle-clicking, on both results and icon

Quiddity (WMF) (talkcontribs)

As a user, I often want to search for something without leaving my current page. To do this, I type in the search bar, and middle-click or ctrl-click on the result(s) in the autocomplete-dropdown, which opens the link(s) in a new tab.

There is an additional gadget installed on some wikis (e.g. commons, enwiki) that enables a user to ctrl-click (not middle-click) on the magnifying-glass-icon, or to use ctrl-enter, in order to open the Advanced Search results page in a new tab. This acts the same as ctrl-clicking the bottom-item "Containing..." via the searchsuggest widget (e.g. enwiki default).

Whichever widget/code we use, Ctrl-click or middle-click should continue to work properly (i.e. open the link in a new tab) for individual search results, AND ideally be made to work for Ctrl/middle-clicking on the magnifying-glass-icon, or using ctrl-enter.

Of the existing widgets:

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