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I have question for you. In source code page Help:Contents I see two variants for links (i.e.):

* {{ll|Help:Namespaces|nsp=0}}
* {{ll|Help:Cite|<translate><!--T:35--> References</translate>}}

In first example, if is title of page translated as "Help:Jmenný prostor", I see on Help:Contents only "Jmenný prostor", but if is translated as "Nápověda:Jmenný prostor", I see "Nápověda:Jmenný prostor". Template do not work with localization for now, "Help" is "Nápověda" in localized form. By my mind is problem, what may be possible repaired in template code, but it I want not for now.

My questions: Is better use first link form template, with parameter nsp for default namespace? Or next form, where is used translated string?

Shirayuki (talkcontribs)
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