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Collaboration team and Community Tech team updates

Quiddity (WMF) (talkcontribs)

(Copying 2 announcements, by @Ryan Kaldari (WMF) and @Trevor Parscal (WMF) from and )

I'm pleased to announce that the Community Tech team has a new Product Manager – Danny Horn, who will be moving from the Collaboration team to join this new initiative. The Community Tech team is focused on building improved curation and moderation tools for experienced Wikimedia editors. Danny will be working with the team to develop the upcoming Community Wishlist Survey, which will help the team define and prioritize future projects. We're excited to have someone with Danny's product management experience as well as extensive wiki community experience working with this team.

Danny’s role on the Collaboration team will be filled by a new Product Manager which the Foundation is hiring for now. There’s an open job posting on the WMF job board.

Looking forward to working with Danny to build some awesome tools for the community!

Ryan Kaldari Engineering Manager, Community Tech Wikimedia Foundation


Hi. I’d first like to say that I’m excited about Danny’s new role and the positive impact I know he will have on the relatively new Community Tech team, and that he will be missed in the Editing group. This change now leaves an open position, which we are in the process of hiring a new Product Manager to fill. There’s an open position posted.

The Collaboration team, meanwhile, will continue their work to provide Flow as an opt-in Beta feature, allowing contributors to use Flow on their user talk page. This feature is currently available on, and will be enabled on other wikis upon request. Especially as more users enable Flow, the team will continue supporting users of the product by promptly triaging and resolving bugs.

This quarter, which began yesterday, The Collaboration team will be focusing on the development of cross-wiki notifications and other Echo improvements. They’re also continuing to advance efforts to research and prototype solutions for advanced editor workflows. Further feature development on Flow discussion tools will be based on an assessment following the 'workflows' research work, and on editor feedback at the wikis already using Flow.

- Trevor

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