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This template will allow you to create a local or interwiki link (such as a link to the history of a page) on a page without having the follow the link. This can be used, for example, when internal or interwiki links appear as external links. See w:Help:URL § URLs on other Wikimedia projects for more information.


  • {{Plain link |url=//www.wikipedia.org}} gives [1]
  • {{Plain link |//www.wikipedia.org Wikipedia}} gives Wikipedia
  • {{Plain link |http://www.wikipedia.org | Wikipedia}} gives Wikipedia



Do not leave a space before the start of the URL, it confuses the [ URL ] parser.

If you leave the "scheme" (http: or https:) off the start of the URL parameter, the hyperlink will use the current page's protocol.

If your url or link title contains an equals sign = you must use named parameters or {{= }}:

  • {{Plainlink|url=http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Equals_sign&oldid=282228764|name="="}} gives "="
  • {{Plainlink|http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title{{= }}Equals_sign&oldid{{= }}282228764|"{{= }}"}} gives "="



This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

Plain link

Use this template to add a local or interwiki link that would otherwise show a box and arrow icon next to the link without the icon.

Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

URLurl URL 1

URL of the link. For Wikimedia links, use the format "//example.com". This allows users to use the protocol they're currently using.

Textname NAME 2

Text to be linked