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This template is deprecated: use Special:MyLanguage instead.

This template is mainly used in hook-related pages.

If the translation page doesn't exist, generates a link to the corresponding English page.

Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

base page name1

The title of the English page

Page namerequired

Mainly-useful for navigation templates. e.g. Template:Databases/ja


Use Special:MyLanguage instead of using this template:

  • [[Special:MyLanguage/MediaWiki 1.22|MediaWiki 1.22]]

MediaWiki 1.22

If you really need to link a specific language code and the translation page doesn't exist:

  • [[MediaWiki 1.22/qqq]]{{enlink|MediaWiki 1.22}}

MediaWiki 1.22/qqqTemplate:Enlink/list1 /en

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