Technical Documentation Tasks for Hack-a-thons


This page lists suggested tasks for Hack-a-thons and Write-a-thons. Tasks listed here should be short, relatively easy to complete in a short time. If volunteers are interested in longer, more complicated tasks that can be a great opportunity to introduce them to Phabricator and to share information about workflows and ongoing projects.

See Documentation/New technical writers for instructions on getting started.


Task Skills required Level
Find and fix inaccuracies in My_first_Django_OAuth_tool Toolforge, Django Intermediate
Update and improve documentation for developing successful tools. Toolforge development Intermediate
Update and improve documentation for programming tools in Java. Java, Toolforge Intermediate
Clean up and improve documentation of Wikidata tools SQL, Scripting, Webscraaping Beginner
Pywikibot documentation newcomer tasks Python, Scripting Beginner
Create a "my first Pywikibot bot" tutorial for Toolforge Python, Toolforge Intermediate
Need Documentation on using tables in Special Page Wiki-editing, extensions Intermediate
Update/improve Commons API documentation API, Wikimedia commons Intermediate
Add documentation for client-side HTML templating to Manual:HTML_templates HTML templates Intermediate
Update Toolforge and Cloud VPS Help pages Toolforge Advanced
Run a documentation sprint for Cloud VPS and Toolforge Toolforge, Cloud VPS Advanced
Contributors are encouraged to add more tasks to this list.

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