Team Practices Group/CSAT/Shepherding

This is a simple guide for CSAT Shepherds.

Where to beginEdit

Google Drive FolderEdit

Start by creating a Google Drive Folder where you can store all the CSAT files. Create it in CSAT Surveys directory and follow the existing naming convention - "FYXXXX-YY QZ" (e.g., FY2016-17 Q2).

Task breakdownEdit

Now you can think about the task breakdown. It helps to look at the previous quarter's epic on Phabricator. That will give you an idea how your predecessor went on about CSAT. Here's an example, a breakdown of FY2016-17 Q2 CSAT and a short description of each task:

  1. Identify themes from the previous CSAT to inform questions in the next CSAT

The goal of this task is to analyze the results of the previous CSAT to see if there are any answers or keywords that stood out. The identified themes could be incorporated into the next CSAT. This task also covers coming up with questions for the next CSAT.

  1. Create TPG CSAT form for Q2 survey

Once the questions are ready, you can start creating the survey. We use Google Forms. It helps to look at past CSAT forms. Survey questions should be vetted by on staff experts in writing questions that are not leading.

  1. List of CSAT recipients

First, create a copy of the file named "QZ FYXXYY CSAT recipients" that can be found in any of the CSAT folders and place it in your CSAT folder. Then ask each member of TPG to update the list accordingly.

  1. Send Q2 CSAT survey to TPG customers

Before sending, we need to determine how long the survey will stay open. Once the survey is ready to go and the recipients list is up to date, make TPG manager the owner of the survey and leave it in their hands. TPG manager is responsible for launching CSAT. The manager will vet responses before sharing them with the rest of TPG.

  1. Analyze results results of CSAT

Analyze the results following the Process wiki and gain a deeper understanding by following the Results wiki.

  1. Post results on wiki

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