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A living style guide offers improved documentation of the visual appearance and behavior of a site.
Unlike a static style guide (say, a wiki page or PDF), it is generated on-the-fly from the actual HTML, CSS, and JavaScript used in production.[1][2] This allows us to view styles as they are live on the site, and inline comments can be added to document the purpose of a particular style or set of styles.

MediaWiki currently has one style guide (the other 2 are outdated, see task T151117 and task T151117#2808532):


Starting with release 1.25, when you use OOUI components within MediaWiki, they use its WikimediaUI theme which has its roots in mediawiki.UI.


OOUI library live demosEdit

This OOUI library features a live demo environment with all JS & PHP components and their JavaScript code snippets.

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