Structured Data Across Wikimedia/Potential use cases

Below is a list of use cases that could be enabled by the technical architecture being built for SDAW. While each of these could likely be accomplished using other technical solutions, the SDAW architecture could enable them all without requiring bespoke solutions for each.

Note that these are ideas, not commitments. They are meant to illustrate some ways we can use the data once it exists.

Short title When I… I want to… So I can…
Section level image recommendation …am working on a campaign or newcomer tasks …see unillustrated sections about my campaign topic or topic of interest and recommendations for matching images …add images to under illustrated topics
Organizing a campaign around a topic …am organizing a campaign …see articles that don’t have sections that discuss a particular topic, e.g. articles about beaches that don’t mention erosion …add those articles to a list for the campaign to act upon
Improve search …am searching for information about a concept on Wikipedia …see sections of articles that are about that concept and related concepts in my search results …more easily find what I’m looking for and explore related concepts
Structured tasks below article level …am a newcomer working on structured tasks …see sections that are about topics I’m interested in editing …work on areas of my interest and be more successful in my first edits
Section translation & fact translation …am interested in translating articles from one language to another …see if sections I am interested in already exist in my target language …translate sections of interest (in a less-process intensive, more stable way than is currently done)
Reading lists for offline reading …am reading Wikipedia on my device without access to data …read a curated list of Wikipedia articles and sections based on a previous search or selection …access those articles without spending data
Snackable content/visual stories/voice snippets …don’t have time to read lengthy articles or am part of a culture that prefers listening and watching to reading …see short form visual or audible stories about the content I’m interested in …consume content in a way that works for me
Better statistics …am trying to understand gaps in our content …see how many articles discuss certain topics, e.g. “biographies of women tend to have more content about marriage” …make better decisions about development, campaigns focus, etc.
Better ways to catch subtle vandalism …am patrolling Wikipedia …easily see when edits result in new concepts being generated that are likely to be off topic to the section of the article they were made in …flag that vandalism may be occurring and address it
Structuring edit summaries …am patrolling Wikipedia …filter my recent changes feed to the topics I’m an expert on …narrow down the edits I want to patrol
Editor profile …am an editor of Wikipedia …have a profile page that shows the types of topics I’ve contributed to or what the edits I’ve made are about …easily show people what type of work I do on Wikipedia