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Welcome to the newsletter for Structured Data Across Wikimedia (SDAW)! You can update your subscription to the newsletter at any time. If you have suggestions or questions, please let us know!

Consultation about Search improvements

From June 21 to July 10, we held a general consultation about a number of improvements to Special:Search, as part of the general initiative about Search Improvements.

Most of the proposed changes were graphical improvements, aimed at providing better context and better layout for casual readers who want to use the Wikipedia search page, as well as promote awareness for Wikipedia’s sister projects by rearranging the “sister projects” search section.

The consultation took place on 12 different Wikipedias and on, with a substantial participation from users. Based on the precious feedback collected, we decided to re-evaluate our proposal on namespace tags, and to tweak slightly article thumbnails in order to make it easier for users to hide them, if needed. We also decided not to proceed with collapsing the advanced search options.

Tất cả các cải tiến khác đã nhận được phản hồi tích cực chung trong buổi tư vấn và chúng tôi đã bắt đầu triển khai chúng trong những ngày qua. Chúng tôi cảm ơn tất cả những người dùng đã dành thời gian tham gia và chia sẻ ý kiến của họ.

We will now concentrate on collecting feedback on Search Result Preview. Our main focus will be initially with Portuguese, Russian and Indonesian Wikipedia communities, as well as You can always share your feedback on the Search improvements talk page.

Triển khai Gợi ý hình ảnh

On July 20, a first iteration of the Image suggestions tool was successfully deployed on Portuguese, Russian and Indonesian Wikipedia. The three Wikipedias have been identified in the last months as the first tester communities for this project.

The goal of the tool is to embed a number of image suggestions in the user’s existing Wikipedia activities through weekly notifications, thus increasing the likelihood they will review such suggestions and add selected images as part of their current editing workflow. Currently, editors with 500+ edits on the identified projects add an average of 8 to 11 medias. We expect these rates to improve, thanks to our tool.

We are currently collecting the first feedback from involved users, which will be used to identify potential bugs and improve the current experience. If you are interested in making your community involved in the following iterations of the tool, please let us know.

Giới thiệu về bản tin này

This newsletter will be released only when there are things to discuss or to be announced, and we plan on doing it in the least invasive way for your talk (i.e. through your notifications). If you want it delivered to your talk, let us know.

Let us also know your thoughts on the project's talk page. If you have direct inquiries, you can also refer to my talk page.

Hope to read and see you soon!

-- Sannita (WMF) (talk)