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Welcome to the newsletter for Structured Data Across Wikimedia (SDAW)! You can update your subscription to the newsletter at any time. If you have suggestions or questions, please let us know!

Updates on Search improvements

We published a new project page on to reflect the latest developments regarding the Search Improvements project, which will use structured content to give users a more inviting and more efficient way to search and find content on the Wikipedias.

The project considers the current problems that readers and users, especially for Wikipedias in emerging languages, may experience in searching for relevant articles or content. Among the potential causes of this, we identified the current focus of existing search functionalities on article matches, but we also considered linguistic factors and inexperience in using Special:Search as potential obstacles.

We have published the initial mockups of several improvements we are planning to do. Work in this area may include things like stylistic UI improvements to the Special:Search page and creating a quick view panel for each result that shows key information and displays interwiki links related to the result.

Improving search experience through a tool/gadget

እንደ ፕሮጄክቱ አካል፣ ፍቃደኛ ከሆነ ኮንትራክተር ጋር ሃሳብ ለመለዋወጥ እና የተዋቀረ መረጃ/ይዘትን በሙከራ ደረጃ የሚፈትሹ እና የፍለጋ ውጤቶችንና የተጠቃሚዎችን ተሞክሮ የተሻሉ የሚያደርጉ የተለያዩ መሳሪያዎችን ለአንድ ወይም ከዚያ በላይ ለሆኑ ዊኪፔድያዎች ማጎልበት እንፈልጋለን። ሰለዚህ እድል የበለጠ ማወቅ ከፈለጉ እባከዎን ሳኒታን ያግኙ

የርስዎን አስተያየት እንጠብቃለን!

በፕሮጅክቱ ላይ ዛሬም ወደፊትም የሚሰጡንን አስትያየት በደስታ እንቀበላለን። በተለይ የርሰዎን ሃሳብ ለመስማት እንፈልጋለን፣ ስለዚህ በይናገሩ ገጻችን ላይ ከርስዎ ለመስማት ስለፕሮጀክታችን ባጠቃላይ እና በተለይ ደግሞ ቀጥሎ በቀረቡት ግልጽ ጥያቄዎች ላይ የእርስዎን ሃሳብ ለመስማት ጆሯችንን አስልተን በጉጉት እንጠብቃለን፦

  1. ከላይ ስልተዘረዘሩት አቀራረቦች ምን ያስባሉ?
  2. Do any of these changes affect the contribution flow in your opinion? If yes, how?
  3. ለፈጣን እይታ ያቀረብነው ይዘት ጠቅሞዎታል?አዎ ካሉ እንዴት ተጠቀሙበት?
ስለ መጽሄቱ

This newsletter will be released only when there are things to discuss or to be announced, and we plan on doing it in the least invasive way for your talk (i.e. through your notifications). If you want it delivered to your talk, let us know.

Let us also know your thoughts on the project's talk page. If you have direct inquiries, you can also refer to my talk page.

Hope to read and see you soon!

-- Sannita (WMF) (talk)