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This mockup is a rough representation of how notifications might appear in user's notifications.

Hi all! This is the third issue of the SDAW Newsletter. If you missed what this project is about, check it out here!

Image Recommendation UI is now entering first test stage

The SDAW team is designing and building image recommendation features for experienced users, whose focus will be improving the processes for experienced contributors who have edited or watched a particular article or set of articles.

The project is currently entering its first test stage, experimenting with an approach based on notifications. The goal is to embed the suggestions in the user’s existing Wikipedia activities through weekly notifications, thus increasing the likelihood they will review such suggestions and add selected images as part of their current editing workflow. Contributors can choose to edit via wikitext or Visual Editor, and can review the image and the article information in the notification.

You can read more about the current tentative workflow on the project’s page on MediaWiki, or you can follow the dedicated Phabricator ticket.

If you have feedback or questions, you are encouraged to leave it on the Image Recommendations talk page.

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-- Sannita (WMF) (talk)