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MediaWiki skins manual - category
Release status: stable
Description A customization responsive MediaWiki skin based on Bootstrap3
Author(s) Nasir Khan Saikat
MediaWiki >= 1.39.0
License GNU General Public License 2.0
Example Banglapedia, Wikimedia Skins Lab
Translate the MediaWikiBootstrap skin if it is available at

A customizable responsive MediaWiki skin based on Bootstrap3. Check the MediaWiki-Bootstrap GitHub repo to get the updated documentation.

Getting Started

1. Go to the skins subdirectory of your MediaWiki installation:

cd skins

2. Clone the repository from the git repo:

git clone MediaWikiBootstrap

3. Update the LocalSettings.php to install and enable the skin:

$wgDefaultSkin = "mediawikibootstrap";

wfLoadSkin( 'MediaWikiBootstrap' );

(Please remove or comment out other mentions of $wgDefaultSkin .)

4. Edit the wiki page MediaWiki:Sidebar of your MediaWiki installation to change the navigation links.

5. Customize the other settings and modify the style based on your needs.

Example site

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