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Cologne Blue
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호환성 정책 스냅샷은 미디어위키와 함께 릴리스됩니다. Master is not backwards compatible.
미디어위키 1.24+
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예시 English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Skins Lab
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Vagrant role cologneblue
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Cologne Blue is a MediaWiki skin. It has existed since MediaWiki's inception between 2002 and 2003 as an alternative user option for the "Standard " skin.

Cologne Blue was originally part of core MediaWiki. In MediaWiki 1.24 , it, along with the other default skins, was separated from core to its own repository. It remained bundled with MediaWiki until it was removed from the bundle in version 1.31. It uses hooks which were deprecated in MediaWiki 1.39, producing warning messages in this version.


  • Vagrant 를 사용하고 있는 경우에는, vagrant roles enable cologneblue -p로 설치해주세요

수동 설치

  • 파일을 다운로드하고 CologneBlue 폴더를 skins/ 디렉토리에 넣어 주세요.
  • 아래의 코드를 LocalSettings.php 파일의 말미에 추가합니다:
    wfLoadSkin( 'CologneBlue' );
  •   완료 - 위키의 Special:Version에 이동해서, 스킨이 올바르게 설치된 것을 확인합니다.