Sites using MediaWiki/sr

This is a list of sites that are using MediaWiki and that are written or provided in Serbian language. For wikis in more than one language (including English) see the multilingual list.

  • Feel free to add your site to the list, but please stay close to the given format:
;Title - [] :Short description
  • Please keep the description short and free of advertisement. You don't have to state that your site is "a wiki about ..."; all listed sites are wikis.
  • New entries will be checked. Unreachable sites or sites that don't use MediaWiki will be removed.
  • Last complete check: 2023-09-16

Wikimedia Wikis edit

Due to the large number of Wikimedia foundation wiki's (Wikipedia, Wikiquote, Wiktionary, Wikiversity, etc), they are not included on this list. For a list of projects, see Sites_using_MediaWiki/Wikimedia. For the complete list with all languages, see this page.

MediaWiki-Wikis in Serbian language edit

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Neciklopedia - an encyclopædia parody.

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Порнопедију -
еротску енциклопедију

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See Sites_using_MediaWiki/Wikimedia

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