Sites using MediaWiki/multilingual

This is a list of sites that are using MediaWiki, the wiki engine this site is about. On this page we collect wikis that are written or provided in more than one language, quite often these are the bigger projects.

  • Feel free to add your site to the list, but please stay close to the given format:
; Title – []: (language code) Short description
  • New entries will be checked. Unreachable sites or sites that don't use MediaWiki will be removed.
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MediaWiki-Wikis in more than one language edit

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# edit

A edit

B edit

Battlestar Wiki –
(de, es, en, fr, tr, zh) Battlestar Galactica online encyclopedia and episode guide
Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense –
(en, nl, no)
BasaBaliWiki -
(en, id, ban)

C edit

Cantr II wiki –
(en/es/pt) Help to Cantr II - a game (MMORPG, PBBG and simulating society) which together involved more than a dozen linguistic communities, in a same persistent virtual world.
Combine OverWiki -
(en, pl)
Cppreference –
(en, cs, de, es, fr, it, ja, pl, pt, ru, tr, zh) A reference for C and C++ programming languages
CreationWiki -
(en, de, es, fr, ko, pt, ru, zh) Encyclopedia of creation science

D edit

DataTrek –
(en, it) Open data repository for the Star Trek universe –
(it, en) Italian Dictionary

E edit

Encyclopaediae Pokemonis –
(de, en, es, fr, jp, zh) Wikis about Pokémon
EverybodyWiki -
A wiki where anyone can write their own biography (in 25 language editions: fr, en, pt, de, it, es, nl, sv, hi, pl, bg, ja, fa, no, da, ro, el, ca, hu, ar, he, uk, ko, vi, id)

F edit

Fandom –
(en, other languages) Wiki site hosting on a great many subjects.
FlightGear wiki –
Wiki of the free, opensource flight simulator w:FlightGear.
FreeCAD Documentation -
This Wiki is w:FreeCAD documentation site. Multilingual support is available through translate.

G edit

H edit -
(en, ha) Simple Hausa and English definitions/translations partially based on
Hitchwiki –
(en, de, es, fr, fi, pt, bg, zh, pl, ru) Information about hitchhiking.
HoraWiki -
(en, he) Recreational Israeli dance, aka Israeli folkdance –
(en,fr,es) Howtopedia is a library for practical knowledge and simple technologies. It focuses on development tools.

I edit

(en, es, sw, zh) Internet governance-related resource.
public domain musical score archive
Inkipedia -
(en, fr) Inkipedia is an editable resource for the Nintendo franchise, Splatoon.
IT Process Wiki – IT Process Wiki - The ITIL Wiki
(en, de, es) The Wiki is about the IT Infrastructure Library ITIL®, ISO/IEC 20000 and IT Service Management (ITSM).

J edit

JDocs –
(en, de, fr and many more Languages) An online collaborative community manual for users, developers or anyone interested in learning more about the Content Management System Joomla!

K edit

KDE TechBase –
The KDE developers' wiki.
KDE UserBase –
The KDE user community wiki.
Kiddle Encyclopedia –
(en, es) The free encyclopedia for kids.

L edit

LibreOffice Turkey
LibreOffice Turkey Wiki
Lingua Veritas Lingua Veritas – Translation interpretation
A Wiki-based multilingual resources agency
Live Cinema Research Wiki –
(de/en) Wiki dedicated to the research of movie making and presentation techniques for the 21st century.
(de/en/es/grc/el/it/la/nl/ru/zh) Classics wiki focusing to translations from and into Ancient Greek and Latin.

M edit

Minecraft Wiki -
(en, de, fr, other languages) The biggest Wiki about the popular sandbox game Minecraft
Moegirl —
(en, zh, ja) Site about "Moe girls", an archetype in Anime/Manga culture. Also has a Commons-like project (so similar to the Wikimedia cluster in some ways)

N edit

O edit

OpenSeaMap Wiki -
Wiki for OpenSeaMap, the nautical subproject of OpenStreetMap
OpenStreetMap Wiki –
(multilingual) wiki to the project to create a free map of the world
openSUSE –
(in many languages) a Linux distribution
An encyclopedia of Orthodoxy.

P edit

Prison Architect Wiki -
(en, fr, de, ru, it, fi, nl, pl, br, cz, hu) The official wiki for the sandbox game Prison Architect
Pl@ntUse -
(en/fr) Useful plants of the world and their uses, a study case of Pl@ntNet
Portal Unofficial Wiki -
(en, cs, da, de, es, fi, fr, hu, ja, ko, nl, no, pl, pt-br, ro, ru, sv, zh-hans, zh-hant)
Pornopedia –
(bg/bn/cs/de/en/es/fr/hu/hy/it/ka/nl/pl/pt/pt-br/ru/sr/sv) Erotic encyclopedia
ProleWiki –
(en/es/de/fr/pt) Marxist-Leninist encyclopedia

Q edit

Qi Hardware –
(en/es/zh-hans) Copyleft hardware project.

R edit

Rodovid –
(de, es, en, fi, fr, he, id, it, ja, nl, pl, pt, ro, ru, sr, uk, uz) Free multilingual family tree portal.

S edit

ScoutWiki Network –
(fi, fr, nl, en, es, de, it, sv, da, cs, eo, ar, pt, uk ; images, association) The international network of scouting wikies.
Scratch Wiki —
(en, de, ru, id, hu, nl, fr) A collaboratively written wiki about the programming language Scratch
SeminaVerbi - (en, it, es, de, fr, pt)
A cultural project about the influence of the Bible on human culture
Sharewiki –
(de, en) Wiki about sharing, collaboration, participation, ...

T edit –
(eng, spa, other languages) tango info wiki
Team Fortress Wiki -
(en, ru, fr, de, pl, pt-br, fi, es, nl, zh-hans, zh-hant, ar, cs, da, hu, it, ja, ko, no, pt, ro, sv, tr) the official resource for the Team Fortress series
The Document Foundation Wiki -
The official Wiki for w:LibreOffice and "The Documentfoundation" –
Free Open Source Software localisation wiki-style

U edit

Uncyclomedia -
(en, other languages) Wiki farm of satirical Wikipedia parodies

V edit

Venicewiki -
(it, other languages) The collaborative guide to Venice, Italy.

W edit

Not affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation

Watch-Wiki -
(de, en, es, nl, pt, ru) The free watch encyclopedia is an on-line reference about watches.
WikiJournal –
(ru, en, de, fr, sp, it) International online journal on various topics
WikiFur –
(en, es, ru, de, fr and others) Information about furry fandom
WikiHow - WikiHow
(en, other languages) An extensive database of how-to guides.
Wikimini –
(fr, other languages soon) Encyclopedia for children written by children.
Wikisimpsons –
(en, de, sv) Wiki dedicated to Fox's TV series The Simpsons.
Wikitravel –
(ar, ca, de, en, eo, es, fi, fr, he, hi, hu, it, ja, ko, nl, pl, pt, ro, ru, sv, and zh as well as a multilingual media repository named Wikitravel Shared) Commercial world-wide travel guide
WordPress Codex –
(en, other languages) An open source documentation for the popular and free WordPress blogging system

X edit

Xenharmonic Wiki -
(en, de, es, ja) Wiki about xenharmonic music
xfamily -
(en, es) About the cult known as "The Family" or "The Children of God".

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