Selenium/Reference/Running tests

There are many ways to run Selenium tests. This page tries do document reasons why you would choose to run tests in a certain way.

From Targeting Page Secure Browser Visible Videos of test runs
Local machine Beta Cluster Targeting Beta cluster ✅☝️
Local machine Beta Cluster using Sauce Labs Targeting Beta cluster using Sauce Labs
Local machine local-charts Targeting local-charts ✅☝️
Local machine MediaWiki-Docker Targeting MediaWiki-Docker ✅☝️
Local machine MediaWiki-Docker-Dev Targeting MediaWiki-Docker-Dev ✅☝️
Local machine MediaWiki-Vagrant Targeting MediaWiki-Vagrant ✅☝️
Local machine MediaWiki-Vagrant using Sauce Labs Targeting MediaWiki-Vagrant using Sauce Labs ✅☝️
Jenkins Beta Cluster Using selenium-daily-SITE-EXTENSION Jenkins job ✅✌️ / ❌🤟
Jenkins Jenkins Using Quibble Jenkins job ✅✌️ / ❌🤟
MediaWiki-Docker MediaWiki-Docker Targeting MediaWiki-Docker using Fresh
MediaWiki-Vagrant MediaWiki-Vagrant Inside MediaWiki-Vagrant
Quibble Quibble Targeting Quibble


  • ☝️ Only if local machine runs Linux.
  • ✌️ Only for mediawiki/core and mediawiki/skins/MinervaNeue repositories. (As of March 2020.)
  • 🤟 The rest of repositories.