Selenium/Reference/Running tests

There are many ways to run Selenium tests. This page tries to document reasons why you would choose to run tests in a certain way.

From MediaWiki Using Targeting Page Security Browser Visible
Local machine Remote Beta Cluster Targeting Beta cluster
Local machine Remote Fresh Beta Cluster Using Fresh
Jenkins Remote Beta Cluster Using selenium-daily Jenkins job
Local machine Local MediaWiki-Docker Targeting MediaWiki-Docker
Local machine Local Fresh MediaWiki-Docker Using Fresh
Local machine Local MediaWiki-Docker-Dev Targeting MediaWiki-Docker-Dev
Local machine Local Fresh MediaWiki-Docker-Dev Using Fresh
Local machine Local MediaWiki-Vagrant Targeting MediaWiki-Vagrant
Local machine Local Fresh MediaWiki-Vagrant Using Fresh
Local machine Local Quibble Quibble Targeting Quibble
Jenkins Local Jenkins Using Quibble Jenkins job