Scrum of scrums/2016-12-14



iOS native appEdit

Android native appEdit

  • Last week:
    • Bug fixes for new release
    • Continuing Q2 goals for Wikidata descriptions
    • New prod release v2.4.183
    • Initial survey
    • Internal test automation discussions; now over 300 unit tests in CI
  • Next week ( ):
    • More Q2 goals for Wikidata descriptions (polish)

Mobile Content Service (MCS)Edit

Reading WebEdit

Reading InfrastructureEdit

Community TechEdit

  • Blockers: None
  • Blocked: Nope
  • Updates:




  • Blocked:


  • Linter extension is now in beta cluster (ex: )
  • Services, VE, and Parsing teams collectively decided to postpone deployment of splitting data-mw attribute from the HTML for later when it has higher urgency since Mobile Content Service is already doing this split on their own and no other Parsoid client wants it, and VE doesn't like it right now.
  • We are still trying to figure out whether we want to use HTML5Depurate (Java) or a PHP version for our pilot deployment of a Tidy replacement.
  • Work ongoing to parse and render language variants in Parsoid (which includes some fixes to the PHP parser's language variant parsing as well). Close to being finished.



Release EngineeringEdit



Technical OperationsEdit

  • Alex has a conflicting meeting up, will probably make the last 10 minutes of the meeting though
  • Blocked
  • Blocking
    • None
  • Updates
    • API woes ongoing
    • Draft goals posted, again if teams have dependencies on ops for next Quarter, please inform us.
    • Labs team is at low capacity, due to severe weather conditions in India
    • There is a goal for full precise deprecation next quarter, so expect anything precise in labs or production to have to either migrate of cease existing



Fundraising TechEdit


No blockers nor blocked Updates:

  • Hired a new engineer who started this week
  • Worked on information architechture of wikistats2.0 with designer contractor and Erik Z
  • Worked on cleaning up our mediawiki history reconstruction scala code