Scrum of scrums/2016-12-07




iOS native appEdit

  • Last Week
    • Shipped 5.3.1 with bug fixes
    • Continued work on 5.3.2 - Dynamic text size, data layer update, performance enhancements
  • This week
    • Finish work on 5.3.2, fix bugs from beta feedback
    • Feature complete on 5.3.2 Friday 12/9

Android native appEdit

  • Last week:
    • Continuing Q2 goals for Wikidata descriptions
    • New beta v2.4.182
      • Fundraising and survey cards now configurable remotely (beta)
  • Next week (
    • More Q2 goals for Wikidata descriptions (tutorial and polish)

Mobile Content Service (MCS)Edit

  • Remove obsolete mobile-summary endpoint (handled by RESTBase directly)
  • Moved to node template version 0.5.0, moved to ES2015 and eslint

Reading WebEdit

  • Current sprint:
  • So far:
    • ReadMore has been enabled on Japanese and Spanish wikis (mobile site)
    • Wikidata Page banner has been enabled on Finnish Wikivoyage
    • Wikidata page descriptions has been enabled on French and German wikipedias (mobile site)
    • Lead image has been disabled from the mobile site, beta mode.
  • Until we meet the next time:
    • Create importable test pages that can be used to test various Reading Web related changes
    • Hovercards rewrite finish up
    • Continue working on returning page images from the lead section only

Reading InfrastructureEdit



  • Working on new filter UI for Special:Recentchanges; a bunch of backend patches for this landed in MW core recently, more will land soon. Will be behind a hidden preference for the time being.
  • Converted Flow and Echo to extension.json. This has caused a few minor issues for Flow and may cause some for Echo as well. Also, if you have open patches, they'll probably conflict now.
  • Going to convert PageTriage next; and FlaggedRevs after we clear out the CR backlog a bit there





  • Blocker -- None
  • Ongoing
    • Wikistats 2.0 UI has kicked off with new contractor designer.
    • RecentChanges via EventBus is on its way, we will soon have events flowing in Kafka. Purpose is later to turn off Redis based producer.
    • Mediawiki history reconstruction is at final review stage (will be long, heavy code) -- Plans to communicate early next quarter
    • Old logs on stat1002 have been deleted. More at Now working on removing some old generation processes in the cluster.
    • Cross team collaboration in migrating limn editor-engagement dashboards to dashiki

Release EngineeringEdit



Technical OperationsEdit


  • I still can not join the Hangout when not being a WMF employee. I know multiple people already looked into this. Please forgive me when I'm not trying any more. I still find the information given in this Etherpad very helpful, and love sharing relevant bits via a WMDE mailing list.
    • Grace to look into this ^
  • Blocked on security reviews of:

Fundraising TechEdit