Scrum of scrums/2016-11-30




Android native appEdit

  • Last week:
    • Continuing Q2 goals for Wikidata descriptions
    • New fundraising announcement explore feed card in progress
    • Fixing login and editing issues
    • Next week



Mobile Content Service (MCS)Edit

Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • working on random MediaWiki tech debt
  • not blocking
  • Still looking for reviews on the API error/warning i18n patches (see last week)

Community techEdit



  • Blocked: Tim asked for an ops person to work with him to puppetize HTML5Depurate service; yet to hear back as of y'day
  • Tim working on with Ops;
  • Arlo's work on Parsoid-native <gallery> extension is now merged. Once we update the specs at and chat with Services folks, we'll deploy this.
  • Kunal continuing to work on the Linter extension (scheduled to be deployed in Q3 2016-17).
  • Scott busy with Dev Summit Planning this previous (short) week, but trying to finish up patches in Parsoid to parse language variant markup.


Technical OperationsEdit

  • Will not be able to attend, apologies!
  • Blocked
    • None
  • Blocking
    • None
  • Updates
    • API outage investigation and actionables ongoing
    • Q3 Goals discussion started, please inform ops of dependencies on them
    • Goals on track, work ongoing


  • Auditing old logs on stat1002 for deletion, including: mobile-sampled, api-usage, sampled, edits (from webrequest), glam_nara, zero. More at
  • Mediawiki history reconstruction project milestone: standard metrics ran against the imported data give very similar results with much simpler queries, test dataset loaded into Druid:
  • Adding send-to-graphite functionality to Reportupdater
  • Wikistats 2.0 design starting tomorrow
  • New hire engineer will start December 12th
  • Ongoing:
    • upgrading stat boxes and other out-of-warranty boxes
    • optimizing last step of mediawiki history reconstruction
    • public event streams work
    • varnishkafka integration testing
    • reaching out to analysts and evengelizing reportupdater and pivot

Release EngineeringEdit

  • Blocked
    • None
  • Blocking
    • None?
  • Updates
    • Reminder that the deployments schedule gets weird between now and the end of the year
    • Phabricator replication should be a bit faster thanks to Mukunda
    • Scap 3.4 is out -- see the changelog for details
    • MediaWiki and extensions 1.28.0 tarball is now available


  • Security Reviews
    • LoginNotify completing from last week
    • Recommendations API started this week

Fundraising TechEdit