Scrum of scrums/2016-11-16




iOS native appEdit

  • Last week:
  • Fixed more remaining issues from persistance layer update, investigated better long term solution
  • Sped up testing & build chain, began consolidating to buildmini & Jenkins
  • This week:
    • More 5.3.0 beta feedback & fixes (and release Friday or Monday)
    • Add announcement card to the news feed
    • Initial dynamic type implementation & assessment of scope

Android native appEdit

  • Last week:
    • Continuing Q2 goals for Wikidata descriptions
    • Moving to kanban-ish workflow
  • Next week:
    • More Q2 goals for Wikidata descriptions (mostly polish)

Mobile Content Service (MCS)Edit

  • Adding announcements feed endpoint

Reading WebEdit

Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • We're disappointed in the fact that T150454 wasn't caught by grepping for the removed function before merging into core.
  • API error/warning i18n patches are up!
    • (and its parent patches) could use review, both codewise and for the output resulting when non-bc errorformat is used.
    • The patches depended on by that change are next in importance. These are for OAuth, TitleBlacklist, GlobalBlocking, Translate, and ConfirmEdit.
    • All other WMF-deployed extensions affected by this change have patches too, see Non-WMF-deployed extensions are (mostly) not touched at this time, the worst that should happen to them is wfDeprecated warnings eventually.

Community TechEdit



  • Updates
    • RecentChanges new filtering work (ERI)
    • Flow exception fixes
    • Echo Notifications special page improvements
    • Flow caching rewrite for multiple data centers has been deployed. Keep an eye out on Flow issues, and let us know if you have any problems.
  • Blocked – None
  • Blocking – None


(Arlo / Scott will show up instead of Subbu)

  • Parsoid: Released debian 0.6.1 and npm 0.6.1 packages -- last release to support node 0.1x.
  • Parsoid: Deprecated support for node 0.1x, dropping all support March 31st 2017 (see wikitech-l announcement).
  • Working with Community Engagment to communicate Tidy replacement changes, prepare FAQs, what this means for editors, what kind of fixups would be needed, tools available, etc.
  • Work ongoing to get the Linter extension ready for deployment on the Wikimedia cluster -- could launch in the Dec 2016 – Jan 2017 timeframe.

UI StandardizationEdit

Still working on:

  • Align Minerva (Mobile Frontend) to overhauled color palette (phab:T146799)
  • Review and integrate messages, alerts, warnings as WikimediaUI component (phab:T127405, continued)
  • Changing visual language of styleguide

Working on:

  • Improve form layouts in OOUI MW core forms for better user experience (phab:T136790)
  • Align CX to overhauled WikimediaUI color palette (phab:T150731)
  • Align blog primary colors to WikimediaUI color palette (phab:T150057)




  • Being a WMDE employee I again was not able to join the Hangout, without being manually added every time.
  • RevisionSlider is out of beta.
  • Final touches on Cognate extension (automatic interwiki links for all Wiktionaries).
  • Waiting for security review of the Cognate and InterwikiSorting extensions.
  • German Technical Wishlist team is working on a UI for the 2 PDF renderers. Would like to track/gather feedback for a while. But:

Fundraising TechEdit

  • Two weeks till Big English
    • please tread very softly in core, especially anything that could affect CentralNotice (messages, caching, ResourceLoader)
    • FR-tech would appreciate a heads up if there are significant changes
  • Improving signal to noise ratio in fundraising system logging and alerts
  • Tweaking mailing list export and offline donation import
  • Still looking at CentralNotice issues
    • should have gotten us logging for client-side issue, but we're not seeing those in logstash (search for message key centralnotice, and you only get the server-side messages)



Blockers or blocking: None


  • Waiting for nodes to double storage capacity for Pageview API
  • Computing the first standard metrics with reconstructed edit history
  • Testing ClickHouse as a very fast serving layer of the edit data
  • Public Event Streams is on its way of being productionized


  • We'll meet with Editing team to give some examples on edit data use

Release EngineeringEdit


  • 1.28 rc.1 this week (for realz)
  • scap 3.3.1 to go out (already on Beta Cluster)
  • Phabricator update this week (Wednesday) with Calendar improvements (in support of DevSummit)



  • All projects and and security reviews have been suspended while team focuses on incident handling


  • Blockers: none
  • Updates
    • Node 6 update planning:
      • All services ready and tested, kartotherian is on it's way
      • Planned order: RESTBase -> Parsoid -> SCB -> Others
      • Q for Ops: is node 6 rollout considered a deployment and is under deployment freeze next week? Alex: Yes. It is under the freeze
    • Thumb API discussion, please participate:
    • Scap3 config deployments:

Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocked:
    • none
  • Blocking
    • none
  • Updates
    • kubernetes goal ongoing. working with packaging kubernetes and calico
    • labsdbs10{09,10,11} provisioned, work ongoing
    • varnish 4 text cluster upgraded finally! Achievement unlocked!
    • working with performance on thumbor 100% deployment
    • deprecation of precise ongoing, down to 7 boxes


  • Blocked
    • Consensus to unlock further work on active/active DC project (etcd, session storage, varnish, etc.). I encourage representatives of Operations/Traffic and Services to attend the next active/active meeting on Nov 23. That meeting can be moved later if it's too early for some.
  • Blocking
    • none
  • Updates
    • ?action=markpatrolled is now POST-based
    • Live traffic investigation confirmed that a non-trivial amount of pageviews start off as hidden tabs (>8%, mobile included).
    • Parser report format reverted, the new format introduced for PerformanceInspector was breaking a commong workflow (i.e. checking the parser report when previewing an edit)
    • Comparing HTTP status codes from production image scalers and Thumbor revealed a dozen edge cases. We'll need to discuss with Operations at the next Thumbor meeting which ones are blockers for the launch.