Scrum of scrums/2016-11-09




Mobile Content ServiceEdit

  • Deployed:
    • Added more testing of response formats
    • Removed hard-coded blacklist for most-read. Now using a more dynamic way to filter out pages that should not appear in the list of most-read articles.
  • Working on figuring out a short-term and medium-term solution for too small thumbnails for TFA and POTD in feed. (Once we get a better thumbnail API then we would be eager to switch to that, of course.)
    • Extra info: The cause of this problem is that now summary data (including a thumbnail) for the feed gets hydrated using the details from the /page/summary endpoint, and that is currently always capping the thumbnail size to 320px. A potential medium-term solution would be to increase the thumnails size cap in the summary endpoint from 320px to 640px and have the clients change the thumbnail URLs to have the size capped to at most 320px for the items the client is showing at a smaller size (trending, link previews, ...).


  • Current sprint (
    • Continuing Q2 goals for Wikidata descriptions
    • Beta coming soon
    • Cleaned up lots of little tech debts
    • Fix some UI bugs and memory leaks
  • Next sprint:
    • More Q2 goals for Wikidata descriptions (mostly polish)



  • Last week:
  • In the news – bug fixes, UI updates, & tweaks to notification scheduling logic
  • Fixed remaining issues from persistance layer update
  • Finished first pass of accessibility changes – VoiceOver improvements for the explore feed & both widgets
  • This week:
    • More 5.3.0 beta feedback & fixes
    • Add donation announcement card to the news feed
    • Set up nightly alpha builds and investigate speedup of automated tests run on each pull request

Reading InfrastructureEdit

Discovery: Interactive TeamEdit

Community TechEdit

Sorry, I won't be able to make it to the meeting today.

Wikidata / WMDEEdit

  • more work on automated sitelinks for Wiktionary (Cognate extension)
  • Wikibase Repo federation / foreign repo access (for Wiktionary and Commons support)
  • RevisionSlider – out of beta (feature) for German and Arabic Wikipedia on Nov 22 (per community request)
  • ElectronPDF
    • extension had security review, we addressed the issues and wait for review again
    • depends on service to be deployed (it's also in security review)



  • Flow in multi datacenters: merge and test this week, release next week (hopefully)
  • Flow beta feature: fixing broken user pages before re-enabling the beta feature, no ETA for all pages to be fixed
  • ERI ReviewStream: agreement with Services about way to go and next steps
  • ERI Special:RecentChanges: new filters in Core, new UI in the making
  • Blocking or blocked: none



  • Blockers: none
  • Blocked: none
  • Updates:
    • Hiring: an offer is about to be made to a candidate, we continue to review new candidates
    • MediaWiki History (edits, users, pages, all projects except commons and wikisources) is being vetted, results seem good if not very good.
      • Varnishkafka errors are down to a not-yet-seen level with Varnish4. Thanks Luca and the traffic team for the thorough work.

Release EngineeringEdit



  • Blockers: none
  • Updates: nothing big, tech debt and small improvements

Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocked:
    • None
  • Blocking:
    • None
  • Updates:
    • Container registry implemented for our kubernetes goal. It will be read only of course.
    • labsdbs setup and provisioned
    • ulsfo and codfw are varnish 4
    • gallium is no more (Big thank you to releng!)
    • Got plans to deploy the Trending Edits Service by the end of November (with Services)


  • Blocked
  • Blocking:
    • None
  • Updates:
    • Ori is a volunteer now
    • Decision about team management still pending
    • UCMini in speed mode "blacklisting" to be treated as grade C browser merged
    • Working through resource limiting on Thumbor (issue where IM consumes huge amounts of disk due to lack of limit)
    • Investigation on frontend performance regression merged, to investigate if people opening tabs in background tabs are responsible for spike in higher percentiles after recent change

Fundraising TechEdit