Scrum of scrums/2016-11-02






  • Current sprint:
  • Continuing work from the last week
  • Decided to re-write Hovercards.
    • 2 team members (Sam and Jeff) will work on it with occasional reviews from other team members.
    • A requirements document has been created. The next step is to create phabricator tasks.
  • The rest of the team will continue working on the other extensions
  • Next sprint:
    • Hovercards and non-hovercards work
    • Hovercards work depends on the tasks we create during the current sprint
    • Non-hovercards work includes bug fixes, trending service, and page images.

iOS native appEdit

Current Board - 5.3 (in beta): Since we last met:

  • Accessibility Volunteer Day - fixed bugs with VoiceOver compatibility in the app:
  • Fixed crashes & other regressions based on Beta feedback
  • Released app version for UX research - also reinstating nightly Alpha builds

Before we meet again:

  • Converge toward release of 5.3
  • Continue work on Accessibility sprint - Fix voice over issues found in the accessibility audit and add dynamic Text Size (app font size changes with system font setting)
  • Next board - 5.3.1

No blockers

Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • Not blocking/blocked, no changes since last week

Mobile Content ServiceEdit

  • Fixed issue where noprint elements where stripped out unnecessarily
  • Got a repo for Trending Edits service

Community TechEdit

UI StandardizationEdit

Working on



  • Do an icon inventory: Keep, move, delete? (T141801) – missing feedback about products where icons are in use.


  • No blockers
  • Working on multiwiki indexes
  • File properties search should be enabled on several wikis, commons reindexed but not enabled, needs mapping update
  • Second BM25 test enabled

Wikidata / WMDEEdit

  • Wikidata 4th birthday (see all the presents:
    • new charts visualizations in the query service and other improvements
    • new #statements parser function (T142940)
    • Wikibase documentation (PHP and JS)
  • ElectronPDF - security review done, planning deployment to beta + test wikis, depends on service going into production (T142226)
  • RevisionSlider out of beta soon for German Wikipedia




  • No change to blocked/blocking.
  • Updates:
    • Started work on Special:RecentChanges Beta Feature changes.
    • Edit Review Improvements work (including feed) continues.
    • Working on a maintenance script to clean up existing Flow pages in an inconsistent state


Release EngineeringEdit


  • Sam Reed has joined Security team as contractor
  • Security Reviews
    • Darian finishing Electron service review
    • Brian finishing Electron extension review
    • Linter review begins next week
  • Merged patch to allow SVGs with malformed namespace declaration due to interaction between illustrator and Inkscape ( )
  • Drafted patch to expand CSP on upload test to frwiki (T117618).


  • Blocking: none

Blocked: none


  • Pageviews for all wikis are now exposed via the API (example: pageviews were initially not considered "knowledge" pageviews)
  • Dashiki folder structure / install / build cleaned up a lot: ask milimetric if you have any trouble, the changes are meant to help not cause pain :)
  • Edit History reconstruction very close to working at scale with all wikis in parallel (some problems remain with Commons and Wikisource, the rest of the big wikis are working)

Fundraising TechEdit


  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked: None
  • Updates:
    • Logging fixes going out to ORES this week. (Will be more quiet)
    • Waiting on new LabsDB machines to upload some datasets (Talking to Jaime & Chase)
    • Working on grammar-based natural language processing. Anyone who has experience with doing this on Wikitext, please reach out!

Technical OperationsEdit