Scrum of scrums/2016-10-19




Android native appEdit


iOS native appEdit

  • Since we last met:
    • Feed based off of MCS (Mobile Content Service) and persisting to YapDatabase is complete & in beta
    • "In the news" Notifications are complete and awaiting beta
    • "In the news" in the explore feed is complete and awaiting beta
  • Before we meet again:
    • Adding alternate ToC (Table of Contents) style for UX research
    • Notifications settings
    • Bug fixes, crash fixes, converging to release of 5.3

No blockers

Mobile Content ServiceEdit

Backlog: Added more languages to 'In the news' feed portion. Going to remove Chinese from it though due to an issue with language variant syntax and the inability to handle lang variantes in RB.

Reading InfrastructureEdit

Community TechEdit


  • No blockers
  • Working on multiwiki indexes
  • Deploying BM25 for top 10 languages soon (, languages like ja, zh and th still TODO
  • Added accent squashing for Russian/Cyrillic analyzer
  • Subphrase completion (completion inside phrase) enabled on, wikitech and wikisources


  • Launched snapshot service Is there any docs, demo, something to show to people ?
    • Basic static service was described at
    • The new "overlay addition" to the static service added three params to specify which page and which map to draw over the image:
    • title=Help:Extension:Kartographer
    • groups=_925bf4f20f98fdda374476b902f702d080492748
  • Discussing tabular data on Commons
  • If somebody has hive to Graphite setup, please talk to Yuri



  • Not blocking nor blocked
  • Update:
    • Recruiting fullstack dev: several tasks submitted and reviewed, some candidates passed to next steps.
    • Working on a KafkaSSE prototype (Kafka consumer to SSE) Kasocki's analog for SSE.
    • More work on removing Limn dashboards, only reportcard and ee-dashboards remaining.
    • Edit history reconstruction: good progress on productionization of the jobs for all wikis.
    • Troubleshooting varnish-kafka, causing false alarms in hadoop webrequest loading jobs.
    • Improved EventLogging monitoring and alarms.


  • Brian was out last week, but is back now
  • Security Reviews:
    • FileAnnotations (this week - done)
    • Google MT for Content Translation (this week)
    • Electron PDF-rendering service (next week)


  • Not blocking or blocked
  • Updates
    • SCB is expanded to 4 machines per DC
    • Node.js security update to 4.6.0 is live on SCB and RESTBase
      • Please test and update your services that were not updated!
    • Parsoid config deployment move to Scap3 ongoing

Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocked
    • None
  • Blocking
    • Noone
  • Updates
    • SCB cluster capacity doubled today
    • work ongoing on varnish 4 on text
    • Jessie appserver reimaging ongoing, almost done
    • API outage on Monday, root cause still unknown.


Fundraising TechEdit

  • Got some help from Aaron Schultz on CN bug, would welcome more review from others familiar with MessageCache
  • Brainstorming ways to monitor for recurrance of the issue
  • General stabilization and log-quieting tasks
  • Improving donor error messages