Scrum of scrums/2016-10-05


REMINDER: Arthur will facilitate a retrospective on process in the 2016-10-12 instance of this meeting



Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • no blocking/blocked

Reading WebEdit

  • Current sprint:
    • Fixed Hovercards instrumentation around `totalInteractionTime`
    • Verified correctness of hovercards instrumenation around `totalInteractionTime`
    • Fixed open Hovercards issue when the user comes back to the previous page by closing a hovercard when the user clicks on it
    • Promoted footer from beta to stable
    • Created a DeviceDetector service to move device detection code away from MobileContext
    • Spikes:
      • Search in UC browser
      • Reading debth
    • Bugfixes:
      • Wikidata UI
      • New footer on diff pages
      • Broken "edit" link on user pages
  • Next sprint:
    • Move the first paragraph above infobox
    • More work on MobileContext service
    • Remove the language button from the bottom of the page
    • Page images should return the image from the lead section or infobox
    • Prototype different options in order to remove FOUC from mobile pages (

Mobile Content Service (MCS)Edit

  • Deployed:
    • Fixed video anchors
  • Work on a new version of mobile-sections API

iOS native appEdit

  • Current release board:
    • Notifications for articles that are in the news (with new iOS 10 notification UI)
    • Updating feed to use MCS and persist to YapDatabase instead of the FS
    • iOS 9 support for widgets
    • Bug fixes (Chinese variants, License icons, iOS 9 Search Issue

Android native appEdit



  • Nothing significant to report this week


  • Blocked
    • Continuing collaboration with Services team on ReviewStream
    • Work on ORES extension in collaboration with the ORES team
  • Blocking
    • No change
  • Updates
    • Had to disable Flow opt-in beta feature temporarily due to a bug. Working on that now. -
    • Other Flow bug fixes to opt-in and other things
    • Echo bug fixes and features


  • Blocked:
  • Blocking:
    • None
  • Updates
    • Apertium Jessie migration done.
    • Work on CX templates continue.


Community TechEdit


Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocked
    • None
  • Blocking
    • None
  • Updates
    • Offsite done, resuming normal work
    • Apertium migrated to Jessie today
    • Work on the Kubernetes goal started, will be multi quarter



  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked: none
  • Updates:
    • RESTBase drops support for node.js 0.10 and 0.12. 4 is now minimal required version
    • ServiceWorker composition work is ongoing
    • Parsoid: we want to move config to deploy repo fron ops/puppet and enable scap3 config deploys.



  • Blocking:
    • None
  • Blocked
  • Updates
    • Phabricator
      • Phabricator upgrade this Thursday 1:00 AM UTC (Wednesday night Pacific)
      • Phabricator database maintenance this week. Time TBA
    • Reminder: No train week of Oct 17th (RelEng team offsite)


  • Increased aqs throttling to 100/second, new cluster is wicked fast
  • Kasocki prototype ready for people to play with (connects kafka topics to a node server)
  • Quarter wrap-up work (cleaning up layouts on dashiki, EventLogging monitoring, improving some reportupdater queries)
  • Recruiting work to get through the many applications we received for our now closed junior track position
  • Pondering labsdb, Sanitarium, dumps, and history reconstruction here:


  • No blockers.
  • Progress on supporting "federation" (linking entities on foreign Wikibase repositories, e.g. linking Wikidata from Commons):
  • Now allowing bzr://… and cvs://… URL schemes in Wikidata values (first time we add schemes core doesn't support).

Fundraising TechEdit

  • Andrew making progress on (one) CentralNotice bug:
  • Looks like this is different from the other recent CN bug:
    • Getting some help from RobLa and Timo, but would appreciate any other help from caching experts
  • Migrated main donations queues to Redis, turning off last ActiveMQ usage real soon now
  • Still more tweaks to CiviCRM contact de-duplication
  • Testing backup credit card processor in other Big English countries