Scrum of scrums/2016-09-28



Mobile Content Service (MCS)Edit

  • Fixed video anchors
  • No deploys this week due to ops offsite
  • Starting discussions about versioning sections endpoint

Android native appEdit

  • Current sprint board:
  • Next sprint board: TBA
  • Navigation overhaul work for beta release is complete. Release will go out the door today (9/28).
    • We'll likely promote to stable quickly if no significant issues emerge.

Reading WebEdit

iOS native appEdit

Reading InfrastructureEdit

Community TechEdit


Language (not present, only notes)Edit

  • Blocked
    • Would appreciate comments from ops or puppet-knowledgeable person how to override restbase url in puppet for a service in labs
  • Blocking: not aware


  • Tim working on updates to the parser tests infrasatructure ( and related )
  • Scott continuing work on having Parsoid parse language variant markup (close to moving out of WIP status)
  • Planning to deploy Parsoid's native <gallery> implementation in a backward compatible way and have VE pick it up when they are ready to use it -- if it doesn't happen next week, it will only happen in 3 weeks time (since we have parsing team and editing dept offsites starting oct 10).


  • Blocked
    • Continuing collaboration with Services team on ReviewStream
  • Blocking
  • Updates
    • Will have a meeting with the Wiki Labels team on Friday to discuss how we can collaborate
    • Continuing work on Flow back-end, including caching refactor and bug fixes for opt-in
    • Continuing Echo work, including instrumentation to track the number of page views before viewing notifications.

UI StandardizationEdit



  • Load testing druid and about to put pivot in production accesible internally to wmf, this is a UI to some of our data in hive, mostly pageviews, no need to use sql



  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked: none
  • Updates:
    • Working on ServiceWorker page composition service
    • Working on supporting Change Propagation and RESTBase for private wikis




  • Blocking
    • none
  • Blocked
    • none
  • Updates
    • New scap (3.3.0)
      • scap caches local config for it's deployment (machines don't have to reach back to tin)
    • Reminder: no deploys week of Sept 26th
    • Reminder: no train week of Oct 17th (but SWATs OK)


  • wiktionary - automated interwiki links
  • structured commons - federation, multiple repos

(I'm having techical issues with joinIng hangout. Sorry. - katie)

Fundraising TechEdit

  • Need help with potential MessageCache issue relating to CentralNotice
  • Still trying to kill stubborn remaining ActiveMQ queues
  • More CiviCRM data cleanup and tweaks to deduplication process
  • Migrating old PayPal IPN listener to SmashPig framework