Scrum of scrums/2016-09-14




Reading WebEdit

Current sprint:

  • Related pages preparation for mobile web deployments
  • Shipped wikidata descriptions in mobile web to all but top 6 wikis

Mobile Content ServiceEdit

Android native appEdit

Current sprint: 91

  • navigation overhaul: primary dev work is complete; now updating per design feedback.
  • beta release this week (probably)

iOS native appEdit

Current release board:

  • 5.2
  • Adding iOS 10 Support
    • Today Widgets - Top Read & Continue Reading and basic iOS 10 compatibility
  • Dropping iOS 8 support
  • Released to beta, releasing with iOS 10 Tuesday September 13

Next release board:

  • Bug fix release for 5.2, scope still in discussion

Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • no blocking/blocked

Community TechEdit



  • Blocking
    • Continuing work on Flow caching rewrite
  • Blocked
  • Updates
    • Major work on seen time for Echo notifications. It is now a single global time, so when you open any notification popup, the time is updated globally.
    • Continued work on using MessagePoster to allow for posting to wikitext or Flow boards more easily. NewUserMessage updated to use this, PageTriage is next.


  • Blocking: None
  • Blocked: None
  • Updates:
    • Content Translation work continue.
    • Apertium ready for Jessie migration, test this week, deployment likely next week.


  • Blocking: None
  • Blocked: None
  • Updates:
    • Kasocki : Working on automating tests with jenkins
    • New AQS cluster data is loaded, load-tests still to be run, then production integration
    • Edit reconstruction: data for simplewiki is ready to be sent to Erik (not perfect, still improving), performance optimisations on the go for big wikis to run
    • Pivot (druid based UI) is being productionized to be accessible for WMF staff (LDAP)
    • Participation in A/B testing design - Looking good


  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked: none
  • Updates:
    • Services config deploys via scap3 on the way
    • Depooling and repooling services during deployment, instructions would be sent soon
    • Change Propagation replaced RESTBaseUpdateJobs, extension undeployed
    • EventBus deprecated events are not produced any more

Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocking: none
    • none
  • Blocked:
    • none
  • Updates:
    • Migrated to a new puppetmaster infrastructure for production, should make next DC switchover easier (among other things)
    • TechOps offsite happening week of Sept 25 (last week of quarter), please work around this for deployments
    • wikitech features will get a deprecation announcement soon
    • Partial traffic to thumbor to be enabled this week
    • apertium reviews for LE are done. Migration of apertium service to SCB to happen next week.
    • appserver migration to jessie ongoing. CODFW done, EQIAD to happen next
    • New DBA, Manuel onboarded.


Interactive teamEdit

  • <mapframe> to be deployed on non-large wikis soon

Fundraising TechEdit

  • Investigating low response to WLM CentralNotice campaign in South Korea
  • Fixing CentralNotice MariaDB strict mode violations
  • Finishing up queue work
  • More donor data cleanup in CiviCRM - language preferences, placeholder emails and addresses