Scrum of scrums/2016-09-07




Q2 FY 2016-2017 (October - December 2016) goals drafted:

Reading WebEdit

Current sprint:

   * Lazy loaded images fixes
   * Related pages improvements
   * Shipping wikidata descriptions in mobile web to some wikis
   * Disabled lazy loaded references, plan to analyze data

Mobile Content ServiceEdit

  • Services team added ChangeProp for Wikidata descriptions to mobile-sections endpoint in addition to the /page/summary endpoint. :)

Android native appEdit

Current sprint: Next sprint: to be created

   * Navigation overhaul continues

iOS native appEdit

Current release board: Next release board:

  • 5.1 was released (iPad explore & article layout, find in page), as was 5.1.1 with crash fixes
  • Working on 5.2 (iOS 10 Today Widgets - Top Read & Continue Reading) - Released to beta, target to be released with iOS 10

Reading InfrastructureEdit

Community TechEdit

  • Numeric sorting has been deployed to English Wikipedia, investigating other languages
  • PageAssessments has been deployed to English Wikivoyage, will do a functional roll-out this afternoon
  • Working on cross-wiki watchlist backend
  • No blockers


  • Darian on PTO Sept. 6-9
    • E-mail for urgent issues
    • E-mail for non-urgent issues
  • Security reviews outstanding for this week:
    • Youdao MT (Brian is handling)


  • Andrew demoing Event Bus events flowing through kasocki (kafka -> interface) in the CREDIT showcase, after this meeting
  • Luca put up which allows all folks with LDAP to access yarn logs for hadoop jobs
  • some problems loading pageview data left a couple of days behind, Joseph reran those jobs and that data is now loaded
  • rotating scrum of scrums participation from now on: Nuria, Dan, Marcel, Joseph
  • tentative: the new AQS cluster ready by next week
  • tentative: edit history reconstructed by next week, Erik Z will vet it but if others are interested, let us know
    • as a reminder, this is all data collected in mediawiki databases, reconstructed as an append-only event store
    • logging table was mined for page deletes and moves, user deletes, renames, rights changes, and blocks
    • archive table and revision table were merged and their user and page fields historified (values at the time of the event were reconstructed)
    • everything is written under a single denormalized schema of the form {metadata, data that was modified (page|user|revision)}




  • Blocked: Waiting for updates on security review of Youdao MT.
  • Blocking: None.
  • Updates:
   ** Work on ContentTranslation (template handling) continue.
   ** Kartik fixing last bits in Apertium packaging.

Parsing (No one around to attend meeting, update below)Edit

  • Waiting on feedback from VE team for the Parsoid's native implementation of the <gallery> extension ( )
  • Work ongoing to support language variants for read view in Parsoid.
  • Work ongoing with the refactoring of parser tests framework (merging the php unit and parser tests scripts)
  • Patch implementing magic-word based opt-out of global user pages awaiting review ( )


  • Blocking:
    • Continuing work on Flow caching rewrite for multi-DC. This is being reviewed now both within-team and by Aaron.
  • 'Blocked:
  • Updates:
    • Continuing work on MessagePoster.


Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocked
    • None
  • Blocking
    • None
  • Updates
    • varnish 4 upgrade process ongoing
    • labsdbs will probably be reimaged and the entire service restructured in the next Quarter


Fundraising TechEdit

  • Switched over four queues from ActiveMQ to Redis
  • monitoring for hiccups, working on switching remaining three
  • pushing more code into library that doesn't depend on MediaWIki or Drupal/CiviCRM
  • fixing a couple GeoIP issues in CentralNotice
  • more polishing for CiviCRM batch de-duplication
=== Discovery ===
  • No blockers
  • BM25 A/B test is on
  • Working on multiwiki indexes
  • Turned off "did you mean" on wikidata due to it not being very useful
  • SPARQL Workshop on September 8th:
  • Discernatron & BM25 demo / luncheon on Sept 13th (remote-friendly, except food)
  • CREDIT demos today

Interactive teamEdit