Scrum of scrums/2016-08-31



Reading WebEdit

  • Current sprint:
    • Fixing lazy loaded images bugs (ex: mathml formulas)
    • Diagnosed problem with hovercards EL data. Will submit fix next sprint
    • Train blocked and unblocked on MediawikiServices introduction on MobileFrontend
  • Next sprint:
    • Carry on work on footer work and lazy loaded images work
    • Related pages improvements
    • Shipping wikidata descriptions in mobile web to some wiki

Mobile Content Service (MCS)Edit

  • Plus symbol in title fix work in progress
    • blocked on issue with url fragments (e.g. /wiki/[title]#[section])
  • Trending service standup ongoing, some field renaming work, probably better to move from rcstream to ChangeProp
  • Likely 'On this day' service work to start in next several weeks

Android native appEdit

Current sprint:

  • continuing navigation overhaul; forecasting to have it complete this sprint.
  • made an 'interim' release to production, with some Feed features that were most requested by users.

Next sprint:

  • planning to complete design touch-ups and get ready to release

iOS native appEdit

Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • nothing blocking/blocked

Community TechEdit

  • Currently rolling out numeric collation to English Wikipedia (will take a few more days for the script to complete)
  • Rolling out PageAssessments to English Wikivoyage this week (possibly English Wikipedia next week). Jamie will help us monitor.
  • No blockers





  • Blocking:
    • Continuing work on Flow caching rewrite for multi-DC. We're now 1) using WanCache, 2) deleting on write and setting cache on read. Still verifying that everything is working properly.
  • 'Blocked:
  • Updates:
    • Finished the work to unwatch from Echo notifications.
    • Flow VE fixes
    • Added a server-side message poster. This is a way to post to a talk page without knowing whether it uses Flow or wikitext. We already have this on the client as well.
    • Issues with mw.notify. We've temporarily re-implemented locally, but want to resolve the core issues and use that. See .



  • Blocked on security review of Parser Migration extension (I see now that Security is on it)
  • Ongoing work to clean up parser tests infrastructure
  • Resumed work on Language Variants support in Parsoid (initial work to attain rendering parity with PHP Parser output)
  • Ongoing work with Linker rewrite as part of cleanup for the shadow namespaces work




  • Security reviews this week:
  • Darian working on hiring tasks
  • Darian out next week (Sept. 6-9)
    • Substitute with Phabricator understanding needed for Data Breach Training on Sept. 9th at 11:00a.m. Pacific; just have to answer questions that may come up with regard to setting Phab tickets private


  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked: none
  • Updates
    • Parsoid move to scap3 completed
    • Change-Prop is updating summary on wikidata item change now
    • Summary endpoint includes wikidata description now
    • New sections transform API to be deployed today

Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocking
    • None
  • Blocked
  • Updates
    • wikidiff2 upgraded to 1.4.1 across the cluster
    • got a new DBA hire (fewer work for Jcrespo)
    • TechOps offsite happening week of Sept 25 (last week of quarter), please work around this for deployments




  • No blockers
  • More ResourceLoader work (cached module load performance improvements)
  • More transactions work
  • mcrouter for WANCache support added
  • Multi-DC ChronologyProtector improvements (masking latency)
  • Thumbor fully set up on beta, a few things to improve before switching it on
  • PerformanceInspector bugfixes based on beta, getting ready for community outreach
  • WebPageTest traffic shaping bugfixes

Fundraising TechEdit