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Reading WebEdit

Mobile Content Service (MCS)Edit

Not stripping title attributes from links anymore.

Android native appEdit

  • Current sprint:
  • Next sprint:
  • Beta release this week with minor feed updates (tab icon update, access to tabs from the feed, persistent dismissal of cards)
  • Nav overhaul work continues apace
  • Working with Discovery to get Nearby search going

iOS native appEdit




  • Blocked:
  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
    • Security review for Youdao needed:
    • Apertium->Jessie packaging work almost done; Few packages left to upload.
    • Improvements in Content Translation continue: MT card, templates, DB errors.


  • Blocked:
    • Is there an update on thumbor production status? (Performance?) It's still blocking ImageTweaks deployment.
  • Blocking:
    • None of which we're aware.
  • Updates:
    • Continuing our work on FileAnnotations; currently pending on a decision on whether we're waiting for structured data or will go early and re-write content after the fact when it goes live.


  • Blocked:
    • We (and other teams depending on Phlogiston) remain blocked with Ops/Labs on server issues, with the system either completely broken or impaired continuously since mid-June; this week it's T142742, before that T141796, T142165, T137736 and others from related issues. Is there a better mechanism for getting these kinds of issues fixed more rapdily?
  • Blocking:
    • Parsing team are still waiting for our response on "native" Parsoid <gallery> implementation. Thalia and Ed will look at it more.
  • Updates:
    • Major work this week on client-side DOM diffing (for smaller save bandwidth demands), re-orderable transactions (for enhanced IME support and maybe offline editing), and the new wikitext editor (now merged in a feature-flagged state; Beta Feature expected in a month or so).


Interactive TeamEdit

  • Working on deploying <mapframe> and <maplink> to all non-Wikipedia sites
  • Working on replacing GeoHack with <maplink> + info screen on all Wikipedias
  • Working on deploying Tabular data on Commons. Already synced up with Wikidata.
  • In progress of deploying eqiad maps cluster


Release engineeringEdit


  • loading of new AQS (pageview API) cluster ongoing, will switch over to it when done
  • new event bus logging from mw hooks merged, will start being available on event bus soon
  • re-ran massive sqoop of all mediawiki databases, parallelizing most of the small wikis together, and dbstore1002 doesn't seem impacted
  • re-worked some dataset documentation to help people transition from the old pagecounts-raw:
  • Joseph and Luca are on vacation for two and one week respectively


  • Blockers: none
  • Kafka upgraded to 0.9, now working on replacing the driver in Change-Prop
  • Parsoid move to scap3 is in progress
  • Puppetisation of the PDF render electron service


  • Substantial update to ORES is live
    • CPU usage down by 66%
    • Memory usage down by 26%
    • Some minor regressions that will be handled in incoming patches.

Community TechEdit

Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocked
    • None
  • Blocking
    • None
  • Updates:
    • apertium packages for LE reviews ongoing
    • thumbor service getting installed this week, no definite ETA yet, but ongoing
    • Work ongoing on puppetDB, xkey, varnish4


  • Blockers: None.
  • Implemented user feedback on ArticlePlaceholder.
  • Series of small fixes to make error messages in the UI more actionable.
  • Need Ops input on Performance and caching considerations when we make ArticlePlaceholder pages visible to search engines.
  • Today: ArchCom meeting about proposals for content model storage. First step towards allowing multiple content objects.

Fundraising TechEdit

  • More queue work
  • Running CiviCRM batch de-duplication, fixing issues as they arise

ArchitectureEdit 2016W33: 2016-08-17 (Wednesday)