Scrum of scrums/2016-08-03




iOS native appEdit

  • 5.0.5 was released last week.
    • Reduced crash rate by 90%
    • Several problems were identified after release and scheduled for 5.0.6
  • 5.0.6 is going through regression today
    • Shold be released by end of week
    • Working with beta testers to verify fixes

  • 5.1 is in Development
    • Major features are iPad and Find in Page

Android native appEdit

Mobile Content Service (MCS)Edit

  • Updating link handling
  • Adding namespace and last modifier information to mobile-sections responses.
  • Added a few more languages to 'In the news' feed.

Reading WebEdit

Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • Nothing to flag for now.

Community TechEdit

  • Rolling out UCA collation + numeric sorting to English Wikipedia (
  • Making improvements to InternetArchiveBot
  • Had more meetings to hash out plan for cross-wiki watchlists
    • Would you please add +tgr to any related tix? Mainly in thinking about multiple watchlist support *down the road* (not now, understood that's not part of your charter right now)
    • Will probably need a dedicated database shard/hardward



  • Blocked - None
  • Blocking - Finishing up the ConfirmEdit work ( ) which is blocking ResourceLoader changes. Shouldn't require any action from you.
  • Updates
    • Nothing major to flag
    • Some internal Echo-related improvements


  • Blocked:
    • [TechOps/DB] Investigate increase in "readonly" saving errors in Content Translation - Need more guidance on what Language Team can do here.
    • [Analytics] Suddenly outrageous higher pageviews for main pages - Very important in statistics of Compact Language Links.
      • Analytics response: we're happy to prioritize any infrastructure issues that come out of this, but right now it needs more research attention, Tilman and others are looking into it
  • Blocking: None
  • Updates:
    • CX Dumps available soon
    • Bug fixes for CX/CLL continue
    • Apertium->Jessie in progress; Still lots of packages to go.


  • Ongoing migration of Parsoid cluster to Jessie and Node v4 (courtesy Alexandros Kosiaris & Marko Obrovac). All Parsoid deploys on hold until that finishes.
  • Ongoing work on a bunch of projects, but nothing worth updating here at this point.


  • No blockers
  • Working on implementing bm25 searching
  • Bugfixes for cross-wiki search (sections & namespaces)
  • Refactoring & cleanup of CirrusSearch code
  • Set up continuos cleanup process via cron (saneitizer)
  • Stripping the question mark (?) from search queries is on the train this week (



  • new AQS cluster is loaded back to February, when we get all the way back to last July we'll switch over
  • Mediawiki history reconstruction algorithm scaled to handle enwiki, now being productionized to do all wikis. NOTE to ops / DBAs: we will reach out to you on the list to make sure it's ok to hit analytics-store (dbstore1002 I think) like this
  • refinery deployment with scap is being tested tomorrow: Phab:T129151
  • EventLogging fixed to handle kafka restarts more graciously, being tested in beta right now


Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocked
    • None
  • Blocking
    • None
  • Updates
    • Upgrading parsoid infrastructure to debian jessie, node 4.x
    • There is going to be an varnish XKEY meeting
    • prometheus work is ongoing
    • thumbor is being introduced as a service in the infrastructure



  • Parsoid in beta migrated to Jessie and Node 4, prod happening this week, 2 nodes already migrated
  • Session storage / Auth service - discussion ongoing:
  • Maps Cassandra cluster: need to move it to 2.2.6
  • Service-runner supports building deploy repo on Mac OS X now

Architecture / ArchComEdit


  • Blocked
    • None
  • Blocking
    • None?
  • Updates
    • New Scap release that uses coming—live on beta already test please
    • Lots of folks out this week, next week less folks out.


Fundraising TechEdit

  • upgraded to mw 1.27 running on new hardware
  • Installing new Redis cluster to replace ActiveMQ
  • Rewriting queue code to work with Redis
  • CiviCRM performance tuning
  • CentralNotice cookie cleanup