Scrum of scrums/2016-07-20




Reading WebEdit

  • No update, working on language switcher on mobile web

iOS native appEdit

  • 5.0.5 heading to regression today, expected release to Apple store later this week or early next week
  • Development of 5.1 is in progress
  • Planning of 5.2 is in progress

Android native appEdit

  • Feed is released in beta! (Follow-up bugfix beta release is cooking as we speak.)
  • We are starting work on the navigation overhaul.
  • Heads-up to RelEng: we are going to talk this week about whether we have bandwidth this Q to transition to Differential code reviews.

Mobile Content ServiceEdit

  • First public feed endpoints are deployed: aggregated + smart random

Reading InfrastructureEdit

Community TechEdit

  • Patch for numeric sorting is ready for review (
    • Will be rolling out on test wiki first. Need another test wiki before English Wikipedia (preferably already using UCA collation)
  • Fixed security bug in Pageviews Analysis
  • Architecture Committee RFC meeting about Cross-wiki watchlist back-end today 2pm



  • Blocked - None
  • Blocking - Krinkle would like us to stop using buildCssLinks to pave the way for a refactoring. Otherwise, no change.
  • Updates
    • Turned off Echo transition flags, now that the maintenance scripts are done. This should improve performance and avoid unexpected side effects.
    • Echo features (such as animation when notifications move in list) and bug fixes.
    • Flow security fixes merged to master; they were already on the cluster.


  • In collaboration with Services (Marko) & Ops (Giuseppe), we transitioned Parsoid to be based on service-runner. Parsoid deploys will resume tomorrow / Monday.
  • Tim working on addressing HHVM segfault in preprocessor which was reported by Giuseppe in a security bug.
  • Scott & Tim working on a PHP only Tidy replacement which is close to being done.
  • OCG (Offline Content Generator) outage this week due to unrelated proxy misconfiguration: T140789


  • Blocked: None.
  • Blocking: None known.
  • Update: Quiet week. Mostly working on bugs and the new wikitext editor. CustomData extension dependency removed from all three remaining Wikivoyage extensions that used it in master; will be able to de-deploy CustomData from production in the next few weeks once the dust settles.





  • issues with eventbus deployment and new schemas, service was rejecting events, had to be restarted.
  • reconstructing edit history from mw database, pretty sure it is possible but will know better after thsi week
  • scaling pageview API, our new cluster has issues with being able to load data and compact (we needed to change compaction from old scheme)


  • Memory issues on scb1001/1002 related to ORES have been partially addressed.
  • We'll be seeking dedicated hardware. (Anyone in ops want to reach out to us to help with that process would be great)


  • Feed endpoints deployed, but need to revisit using `/feed/featured` as it takes a looong time to MCS to compute it
  • Parsoid move to service-runner and service::node completed
  • service-template-node v0.4.0 is out - please update soon.
    • security issue addressed
    • new feature - automatic metrics collection
  • Marko out next week



Fundraising TechEdit

  • Civi post-upgrade bugfixes
    • more work on batch contact de-duplication
  • CentralNotice deployed (last week), watching closely for glitches
  • Upgraded payments to MW 1.27 (LTS!)
    • Still hoping to get closer to master, but this buys us a lot of time
  • Killed ancient homegrown form template engine (-9,000 loc !)
  • Experimenting with scrutinizer-ci
  • Pivoting to ActiveMQ replacement work
  • Building out new servers
  • No blockers


  • Blocking None


  • No blockers.
  • Back into regular 2 weeks Scrum sprint. Connecting loose ends to get stuff done.
  • Reworking jQuery based UI code (minimizing the code base).
  • Still working on structured data for Commons.