Scrum of scrums/2016-07-13




Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • No update, but there will be a follow up meeting on Echo auth impl bug 20-July-2016 (multistakeholder bug)

Reading WebEdit

  • No update, working on language switcher on mobile web

iOS native appEdit

Android native appEdit

Mobile Content ServiceEdit

  • Getting close to having public endpoints for the random and aggregated feed endpoints. Removing blockers for that.
  • Service had been flapping quite a bit lately. Log files indicate heap memory issues.

Community TechEdit

  • Investigating cross-wiki watchlist, how to implement back-end
    • Refered to ArchComm as RFC
  • Will be deploying PageAssessments to English WIkipedia soon (
  • Also will be switching English Wikipedia to UCA collation with numerical sorting




  • Blocked: None?
  • Blocking: None?
  • Update: None?


  • Blocked: None?
  • Blocking: None?
  • Update: None?


  • Blocked: service-runner migration
  • Blocking: None?
  • Update: Services is helping with migrating Parsoid to the service-runner framework. Parsoid deployments are on hold till that time. Migration to node v4, jessie, scap3 will follow that migration.





  • Blocking: None
  • Blocked: None
  • Updates
    • Node security upgrade: RB, AQS and SCB on Nodejs 4.4.6, Parsoid pending move to Jessie
    • RESTBase Cassandra cluster upgraded to 2.2.6
    • Preparing deploy of new feed API end points (ex: featured article / image) with Reading. ETA likely this week.
    • Parsoid move to service-runner -
      • Currently testing in BetaCluster
      • Ping for Ops: need to coordinate the transition in prod

Fundraising TechEdit

  • Civi upgrade complete
  • CentralNotice deployed
  • Upgrading payments to MW 1.26
  • Building out new servers
  • Kafka sampling problem solved
  • No blockers


  • Blocking
    • None
  • Blocked
  • Updates
    • About 25% of the MediaWiki clusters run on jessie, we will start reimaging old servers during this quarter, a schedule will be announced.
    • Enabled TCP Fast Open on some caching clusters
    • Insecure POST traffic cutoff: All external traffic is prohibited, but labs is still permitted (with a 20% failure rate)


  • Node.js dependencies are now being checked nightly for disclosed vulnerabilities; Darian will be manually creating Phab tickets about this initially, with automation to follow
  • Request security reviews:
  • A security release will be prepared soon, possibly July 20
  • Reviews: Tool Labs Console (cont.)

Wikidata / WMDEEdit



  • ArchCom weekly meetings today:
    • 1pm PDT Planning meeting (private): Phab:E227
    • 2pm PDT Discussion (public) IRC #wikimedia-office: Phab:E228
  • Anything stalled? Comment in Phab here: Phab:Z425