Scrum of scrums/2016-07-06





  • 5.0.5 has been delayed for 2 more weeks due to new regressions.
    • We are restarting the entire beta process because the 5.0.5 release diverged significan;ty from the trunk
    • A new 5.0.5 with changes more recent bugfixes from the main trunk is being redeployed to beta this week
    • 5.0.5 will re-enter regression next week
  • 5.1 features are being re-evaluated due to the long development time of 5.0.5
    • Some 5.1 features will likely be moved to 5.2
  • Discovery is helping us improe the map UI first developed on Android by implementing some Geodata API enhancements (


Finishing touches on the feed.

Mobile Content ServiceEdit

Blocked on Services team:

  • We need the public feed endpoints (aggregated feed + random page) to enable the feed functionality for a beta Android app release. This is blocking the Android teams quarterly goal.

Reading WebEdit

  • Wikidata descriptions to mobile web stable in and
  • Deployed lazy references and images to mobile web
  • Fixing some bugs with hovercards to improve data analysis from A/B test
  • Started working in improvements to language switcher in mobile web

Reading InfrastructureEdit

Community TechEdit



  • MatmaRex needs review from anomie, tgr, and AaronSchulz.
  • Still waiting for Thumbor deployment to carry ImageTweaks forward, Gilles says he's working on Debian packaging
  • Continuing work on FileAnnotations
  • Continuing work on getting rid of fatal errors in UploadWizard


  • Blocking - No change
  • Blocked - None
  • Updates
    • Deployed to group 0 new enhanced Echo bunding (with the ability to expand and collapse bundles of notifications and act on individual notifications), changed sorting of Alerts and Messages
    • Deployed new version of Special:Notifications with per-page notification lists


  • Co-ordinating with Services to resume work on Parsoid migration to use service-runner utility. This blocks upgrade of parsoid production cluster to node 4.x (from 0.10) and deployment process to scap3 (from trebuchet)
  • Continuing to work on a bunch of bug fixes in Parsoid.
  • Work ongoing (Tim & Scott) to land a PHP HTML5 parser in core which can serve as a default Tidy replacement solution for mediawiki.






  • Will start working on migrating refinery to SCAP 3 tomorrow (cc: release team)
  • Ongoing work on Event Bus, scaling AQS and the Pageview API, reconstructing mediawiki history, and loading Druid with pageview data


  • online (woo ops). will remain online and a deprecation plan will be announced "soon"
  • Major ORES downtime was exacerbated by icinga config failure (301 is a good response and not followed by default)
  • ORES extension deployed to fawiki and wikidatawiki. Large wikis coming soon.



  • out for two weeks - Wikimania + Offsite
    • lots of interesting discussions
  • Auth / session storage service
    • discussed the plan with Darian
    • will draft an Arch RfC soon
  • Nodejs migration to 4.4.6

Fundraising techEdit

  • Building and deploying new payments servers to get off precise and php 5.3
  • Also upgrading mediawiki and CiviCRM, planning how we'll more closely follow mw master
  • More work towards de-duplicating donor database
  • CentralNotice: don't load anything on Special: or action=edit
  • Still investigating what looks like missing log entries (delivered via Kafkatee):


Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocking
    • None
  • Blocked
    • By noone
  • Updates
    • All image scalers are now on jessie with updated librsvg, fixes plenty of bugs (also related to changes to fonts while at it)
    • Enabled TCP Fast Open on some caching clusters
    • gitblit is finally dead
    • Working with LE to get apertium packages reviewed/uploaded on Some 20% done