Scrum of scrums/2016-06-29





  • 5.0.5 - found a regression on Monday, fixing and testing in beta for the rest of the week. Expecting to deploy next week
  • 5.1 (no changes)
    • In development - expected release early August
    • Potential blocker for release is GeoData API improvements We are working with Discovery to get this in for our release (blocker INTERACTIVE TEAM)


  • Feed work continues -- will ship to beta channel optimistically by end of this week, otherwise sometime next week

Mobile Content ServiceEdit

  • Will need the services team to activate the feed endpoints in the public REST API before shipping the feed (but work is still in progress)

Reading WebEdit

  • Image lazy loading on mobile web fawiki and ukwiki
  • Image lazy loading plus reference lazy loading coming soon to mobile web tlwiki (approx 30-June-2016 or 4-5 July 2016)
  • Wikidata article descriptions added to top of page on mobile web cawiki, coming to mobile web plwiki 30-June-2016
  • Mobile main pages were errantly getting desktop formatting in some places for a while, now fixed

Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • waiting for Language to say whether they will take T111486 (Update Translate to use AuthManager)



  • Parsoid:
    • Over last couple weeks, working on a bunch of link rendering / serialization issues (mostly edge cases) in Parsoid
    • About to resume work on native implementation of <gallery> extension -- Arlo has an initial patch in gerrit which needs a round of updates. Should unblock multimedia & VE work on gallery support once this is done.
    • At Wikimania hackathon, Scott worked on an update to support a more detailed Templatedata format field for serializing transclusions -- this is not finalized yet and the spec needs to stabilize before this can land.
  • Core parser:
    • Tim working on a side-by-side preview tool to let editors see how a page would look with Tidy and with HTML5depurate - ... feedback welcome, especially on the UI aspects or desirable features. Please take a look and leave comments on the patch.


Interactive TeamEdit

  • Wikidata Query service support in geo shapes service is being deployed
  • Heavy maps refactoring - might have broken cached pages and will need a regen
  • Need to start deploying shared GeoShapes & tabular data soonish
  • RELENG: please make configuration for services available to devs, not just ops


Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocking
    • None
  • Blocked
    • by noone
  • Updates
    • Slow week, wikimania
    • Some work with interactive/discovery on maps
    • some non user affecting changes in our firewalling setup
    • Working with LE to review/upload on apertium related packages


  • One usability bugs for Ex::OATHAuth in progress (T138423) (help reproducing appreciated)
  • Two-factor usability survey prep continues
  • Reviews: 3d2png
  • Three additional reviews will have feedback added this week: T130233, T129175, T132934



  • Rebooting stat boxes and analytics cluster to upgrade kernel (security patch)
  • Working on testing a much faster way to load Cassandra directly from Hadoop
  • Cleaning up mediawiki page and user history is still ongoing
  • Andrew, Madhu, and Nuria will be out until next week