Scrum of scrums/2016-06-15





  • Still working on the content feed.
  • Need from SERVICES: regeneration of certain mobile-section endpoints to fix a couple of outstanding bugs (T136964)
    • Is anything needed from us before this can be kicked off?

Mobile Content ServiceEdit

  • Need from SERVICES: Hook up public facing feed endpoints (T136960)

Reading WebEdit

  • Fixing things to prepare wikidata descriptions on mobile web to stable in following sprints
  • Continue work on lazy loading images and references on mobile web


  • It's WWDC week

Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • AuthManager has shipped, working on follow-up tasks
  • blocked on T111486 Update Translate to use AuthManager (Language?)

Community TechEdit



  • Blocked - None
  • Blocking - External Store on Beta: Waiting to hear back at
  • Updates
    • Working on new Special:Notifications sidebar to show pages with unread notifications
    • Finishing expandable Echo bundles
    • Working on Flow deletion-related issues


  • Second RFC to replace Tidy with HTML5Depurate on the WMF cluster last Wednesday
    • Things moving ahead with setting up some tools to help editors figure out how this will affect them and make wikitext changes where required (since there is broken wikitext out there that will render differently with a HTML5 parser vs. Tidy).
    • Tim in conversation with Ops about how to set up this HTML5Depurate service on the app cluster.
  • Work ongoing to migrate Parsoid to use service-runner. Marko and Services are now in the loop and handling this.
  • Scott & Kunal at Wikimania next week; Scott @ Kiwix hackathon this week and will focus on OCG (PDF generation) there.


  • Blocking: None?
  • Blocked: None
  • Updates:
    • Compact Language Links deployment starting next week.
    • Jessie migration for Apertium in progress.
    • Lots of template related fixes done/coming up in Content Translation.


  • No blocking, no blocked
  • Gallery work progressing, nearing working prototype
  • FileAnnotations repository exists, wikitext storage, editing interface on the way
  • Performance/Gilles: Thumbor status?




  • started work on the auth and session storage service
    • will write up an RfC describing it to get wider input
  • Change-propagation
    • struggling with transclusion rules
  • Parsoid move to Jessie
    • started working on porting it to service::node
    • next: move to Jessie, then Scap3
  • better MW deploys
  • Services team out 21/06 - 02/07 - wikimania + offsite in Lisbon


  • One usability bugs for Ex::OATHAuth in progress (T136988)
  • Two-factor usability survey work resuming
  • Fix for T137264 will be deployed today
  • Reviews: Android Services for Reading

Technical operationsEdit

  • Blocked:
    • None
  • Blocking:
    • Work on parallel corpora dumps resumed (was blocking Language Engineering)
  • Updates:
    • Got a kubernetes backend for webservice in tool labs
      • migrating webservices to it
    • Jessie appservers work ongoing
    • 10% block for insecure POST (not HTTPS that is) went live on Monday 13:00 UTC
    • various performance optimizations on cache_upload varnish cluster



  • Maps launched on English Wikivoyage
  • Switched to production servers
  • Soon removing referrer check, and allowing maps client code on all wikis (but not yet the wiki markup just yet)