Scrum of scrums/2016-05-25




Trying to puppetize druid, harder than it looks Working on scaling on pageview API and cassandra, doing perf testing on new nodes Trying to add throttling to pageview API Working on harvesting edit data from db/dumps into hadoop, WIP , main goal this quarter Deployed visualization of Unique Devices:


  • RESTBase
    • rate limiting in prod, log-only
      • Analytics, we need to discuss pageview limits
  • Cassandra
    • expanding from 2 to 3 instances per node in prod
    • upgrade to 2.2.6 next
  • Change prop
    • handling updates for summary and mobile-sections* endpoints
    • will move purging to it soon
  • Math
    • MathML by default on all wikibooks, early next week all projects
  • heads up: Services team on Wikimania, then off-site at the end of June

Release EngineeringEdit

  • Blocking: ???
  • Blocked: none
  • Updates:
    • wmf.3 is rolling forward this week
    • rc.0 of 1.27 should be out this week

Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocking:
    • none
  • Blocked:
    • none
  • Updates:
    • misc varnish cluster on route for being upgrade to varnish 4 again
    • getting rid of tech debt on the database front (m1 cluster to be reimaged)
    • helping releng with scap3
    • Getting finally a redundant link esams-eqiad
    • libicu upgrade. See email from Giuseppe on wikitech-l


  • Two-factor authentication has been deployed to CentralAuth wikis with permission enabled for staff
  • Abbey and Daisy are assisting in usability surveying of two-factor
  • Darian and Chris are working on knowledge transfer prior to Chris' last day on Friday, May 27th
  • Darian is working on onboarding documentation in anticipation of Security Team hires in the near-ish future
  • Security review schedule remains on track ( ) and Brian Wolff will be assisting




  • Getting ready for Hovercards A/B test (finialising bug fixes)
    • Fundraising tech eng can have a look at JS variable for Popups enabled/disabled


  • released Beta with Reading Lists


Mobile Content ServiceEdit

  • Working on feed endpoints

= Reading InfrastructureEdit

Community TechEdit



(Subbu won't be there, updates only)

  • Work ongoing to migrate Parsoid to use service-runner after a bunch of fixes were pushed to service-runner - hoping to push this past the finish line by next week before attempting a migration of Parsoid cluster to jessie / node v4 (Follow along on and blocking tasks). Conversation ongoing with services team to resolve details.
  • Tidy replacement work proceeding well. After last round of fixes and visual diff testing, ~88% of test pages render with pixel-perfect accuracy and ~97% pages with < 1% pixel diffs with HTML5depurate. Additional CSS fixes since then and new round of visual diff testing in progress. Tim working to make some fixes to doBlockLevels in core parser to iron out some kinks there which leads to different behavior in HTML5depurate compared to Tidy (similar effects in Parsoid).
  • Kunal's linker rewrite patch merged. Follow up work in progress to use the new linker code.
  • VE / CX: Please start thinking about how your code needs to change to use split data-mw format. The data-mw split code is probably 2-3 weeks away in terms of being ready for deployment, but you can start testing it with Parsoid master which can provide you the split data-mw (ping arlolra on IRC for details).


Fundraising techEdit

  • (force) merged security patches to fr branch, deployed
    • got tests passing again Monday
  • CentralNotice: api for a/b testing
  • More work to get off ActiveMQ, remove SPOF (just bit us again last week)
  • Prepping for fundraising in Israel, Japan and Ukraine
    • Trying to mess with language fallbacks on payments cluster so we never show Russian messages to those whose preferred language is Ukrainian
  • Enhancing fraud & dos mitigation measures