Scrum of scrums/2016-05-18





Blocked on Ops - need ability to do a 50% roll out of lazy loaded images. BBlack is looking into this, waiting for his feedback. Popups (hovercards) A/B test to be run on Hungarian wiki - finalising pre work. UX changes to search on mobile web



  • Crash fixes

Mobile Content ServiceEdit

Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • AuthManager core is merged! Also fixes for bundled extensions! And backported to 1.27!
  • Work continues on other WMF-deployed extensions, see T110282. Every extension that we know needs updates has a subtask there.
    • If you see in that list an extension you maintain, and have some time this week, please help out! Many of those tasks are very simple and setting up the environment / figuring out how to test would take up most of our time. You can find an update guide at
    • JsonConfig could use help from someone familiar with that extension (yurik?), see T135074. If nothing else, confirm it won't affect WMF and we can remove it from blocking T110282.
    • TranslationNotifications could use help from someone familiar with that extension (Language team?), see T110766.

Community TechEdit



(Subbu not going to be around .. just an update)

  • Moves afoot to migrate Parsoid cluster to Jessie / node v4 -- discussion on about options since Parsoid puppet code has hardcoded refs to upstart. This probably affects the beta cluster config as well. Working with Services and Ops.
  • Kunal has been working on Linker::link() rewrite -- see email discussion on wikitech-l (Subject: Linker::link() rewrite)
  • Option to split data-mw out of the HTML is now ready in Parsoid. HTML2HTML to convert between Parsoid HTML versions close to being done. Appreciate clients (CX, VE) thinking about how they want to work with the new version where data-mw is no longer inline. This eliminates the additional html2html conversion once this new version becomes the default version.
  • Tidy replacement work ongoing. will continue to have updates.


(Apologies, Kartik not available)

  • Blockers: none
  • Blocking: none
  • Updates
    • Work on Compact Language Links out-of-beta continue.
    • apertium->jessie in progress, Kartik should update first set of packages this week.


  • Blocking:
    • Working on External Store on Beta.
  • Blocked:
  • Updates:
    • Continuing notification work on:
      • Cross-wiki notifications successfully released. A couple post-release bugs, but all dealt with
      • Echo HTML email formatter done


(MarkTraceur missed the meeting, sorry!)

  • Blocking: None
  • Blocked: None
  • Updates:
    • UploadWizard stabilising efforts
    • File annotations in a proper extension (cf. hacky wikitext and gadgets)
    • Gallery slideshow mode


Technical operationsEdit

Apologies, not gonna be around, updates:

  • blocking:
    • none
  • blocked:
    • none
  • updates:
    • deploying ORES
    • working on kubernetes on toollabs
    • varnish4 migration ongoing after some setbacks

Fundraising TechEdit

  • No blockers
  • Testing Paypal Express Checkout
  • PCI work on payments cluster (modsecurity)
  • Civi de-dupe work continues


  • 2FA rollout today
  • Security realease (no really, for realz this time) this week


  • Cassandra 2.2.6 roll-out
    • RESTBase staging today
  • Change propagation back in prod
  • RESTBase
    • started rate-limiting in prod, logging only and locally
    • will need help from Ops to set up firewall rules for global rate limiting
  • Parsoid to move to Jessie and Node 4.x likely tomorrow
  • MathML rendering default on test wiki, and dewikibooks

Release EngineeringEdit

  • Blockers: none
  • Blocking: ???
  • Updates:
    • CI outage in progress, working in #wikimedia-labs for fix
    • Scap3 breaking change email just went out
    • wmf.2 rolling to group1 (hopefully)


  • Blockers: none
  • Blocking: nobody we know of
  • Updates:
    • kafka upgraded to 0.9
    • jenkins now knows how to build java packages and add them to archiva (a few manual steps remain, working on it)
    • Cleaning up beta feature enable graphs so limn-flow-data, limn-ee-data, and limn-language-data will all get a little cleaner in the next day or so, ping me if you're concerned
    • Druid analytics cluster is almost operational, we'll be using it for wikistats 2.0 metric computation



  • No blockers
  • Updating maps servers
  • Blocking: JsonConfig authentication update (Zero), backend script auth (Zero), SCAP3 for all services