Scrum of scrums/2016-04-27



Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • Merge of AuthManager pending security review (n.b., old code will become no-op upon feature flag enabled later on)


  • Pushed security fix for contributions page
  • Lazy loading references to beta. FYI for OPs: this may increase API requests to mobileview slightly let us know if you see anything problematic. Beta audience is small however so unlikely to be any impact.


  • Blocking:



  • Blocking:


  • Blocked:


  • Updates:
    • 5.0.3 Code complete EOD April 26
    • 5.0.3 Regression testing start and final extrernal beta release April 27
    • 5.0.3 Expected release will be week of May 2
    • 5.1 still in planning stage - expected to get scope defined next week
    • Expect to begin work on migrating to new Auth API after next week

Mobile Content ServiceEdit

  • Same as last week: planning for new feed related endpoints.



  • Blocking:
    • External store work. Now that data switchover is over, need to resync with Jaime.
  • Blocked:
  • Updates:
    • Continuing notification work on:
      • Special page released to explain how Notifications is configured: . There is also a related breaking change to a configuration variable. We took care of it for BounceHandler, which seemed to be the only affected WMF-deployed extension. But let me know if anything weird happens with notifications.
      • Moderation
      • Bundling refactoring
      • New MVC structure
      • Cross-wiki notifications coming by default in two weeks.
    • Added Vagrant roles for GlobalBlocking and TorBlock. Changed merged Monday to have GlobalBlocking return a Block object so the information is more machine-readable.


  • Blocking:


  • Blocked:


  • Updates:
    • Team offsite last week
    • cxserver service can read config from cxserver repo, so updating new languages/MT pairs are easier now.


  • Main update: Closer to being able to do visual diff testing with HTM5depurate (Tidy replacement).
  • OCG: Scott pushed a bunch of fixes y'day and might be pushing some more today. Time to reconnect with ops next week to reassess its status.


  • No blockers, not blocking
  • Work on annotations and 3D, some upload dialog improvements coming.

Fundraising TechEdit

  • looking at CentralNotice prod errors:
    • maybe a ResourceLoader issue? dependency ext.CentralNotice.display not being loaded, though it should be if there are any choices
  • deployment tooling
  • full-scale fundraising underway in new LATAM countries, fr-tech monitoring errors
  • migrating ActiveMQ-specific code to backend-agnostic wrapper
  • front-end work for upcoming Israel fundraising
  • enabled audit logging on one table in production CiviCRM, preparing to enable on all



Release EngineeringEdit


  • Reviews: AuthManager, json-schema, cross-wiki notifications, hovercards in progress
  • Release soon
  • Ops: ping to move T128819 forward?

Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocking:
    • None
  • Blocked:
    • None
  • Updates:
    • maps cluster updated to varnish 4
    • maps varnish clusters (4x4 boxes) deployed
    • all eqiad core DBs upgraded to MariaDB 10.x


  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked: none
  • Preparing for ElasticSearch 2.0 migration
  • Deploying geospatial search for WDQS



  • Unique devices:
    • Launched unique devices API, wikitech:Analytics/Unique Devices#AQS API, Easy way to get programmatics access to unique devices data
    • Soon to announce a javascript client for API, work done as of yesterday, working in visualizations
  • Pageview API:
    • A lot of operational unanticipated work with pageview API and replacement of nodes, changing cassandra compaction strategy
  • Misc:
    • Two team members at a conference this week, otto in SF
    • Need to announce wikistats hand off from erik zachte, waiting on creation of domain


  • Blockers: none.
  • Updates: Improving Wikidata Query Service UI. Fixing all the loose ends in Wikibase to get the MediaInfo prototype for Commons in shape.