Scrum of scrums/2016-04-20




Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • AuthManager core bits are basically done!
  • load.php session access errors is ready. But there's last-minute debate over whether it should wait for 1.28 or not, so it's probably going to wind up waiting until just after the branch cut. Try not to re-break it until then, please.


Work on Reading Lists continues; design and work planning for the Feed are underway.

Mobile Content ServiceEdit

Planning for new Feeds-related endpoints.


Last week deployed universal link fix Sending external beta for 5.0.3 today Will start regressions for 5.0.3 later this week. Likely to submit 5.0.3 to app store next week 5.1 still in planning phase


Hovercards: Setting up more event logging, improving test coverage, fixing critical bugs Wrapping up lazy loaded references, working out a plan for rolling out lazy loading images.



  • Blocking:
  • Blocked:
    • Work on Flow dumps continuing; another patch got merged to remove an unnecessary option. I don't think Ariel needs anything from us right now. If she does, please let us know.
  • Updates:
    • Continuing notification work on:
      • Moderation
      • Bundling refactoring
      • New MVC structure
      • Special page coming to explain how Notifications is configured. There is also a related breaking change to a configuration variable. I'll take care of it for all WMF-deployed extensions, but let me know if anything weird happens with notifications.

Parsing (No one will be around for the meeting today)Edit

  • Balanced templates RFC was discussed last week; shadow namespaces RFC today.
  • Troubleshooting visual diffing infrastructure (various minor issues that is getting in the way of a 100% accurate baseline run comparing output from "identical" M/W installs).




  • Security release next week (for realz this time)
  • Review of AuthManager in progress
  • Yuri, can you comment on T126696?


Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocking:
    • none
  • Blocked:
    • none
  • Updates:
    • Datacenter switch happened quite successfully
      • Various issues here and there
      • switchback happening tomorrow

Fundraising TechEdit

  • final tweaks to forms for impending Latin America fundraising campaign
  • investigating options for replacing ActiveMQ, decoupling code
  • gearing up to try CiviCRM merge, reversion, and logging updates in production
  • more work towards reducing CentralNotice cookie burden
  • payment audit parsing improvements

Release EngineeringEdit

  • Blocking:
    • Security Release
      • Chad is working with Chris on this, tentative plan next week
  • Blocked:
    • N/A
  • Updates:
    • Deployments resume next week
    • Scap migration continues, hit-up releng


Blockers: none News: Wikidata devs will attent the scrum of scrums from now, with 2 or 3 people shifting. Future Plans: Continue working on the WikibaseMediaInfo ("Wikibase for Commons") prototype.