Scrum of scrums/2016-04-06





  • Blocking:
    • External store work
  • Blocked:
  • Updates:
    • Working on support for Flow notifications being properly hidden on moderation
    • Work on the Echo special page
    • Working on improving Flow user experience when page is protected or otherwise not editable
    • Flow dumps now have XSD schema on Waiting on ops for the actual dumps. Let us know if there's anything we can do.


  • Blocking:
  • Blocked:
  • Updates:


  • Updates
    • Kunal joined the parsing team (see wmfall, wikitech-l announcement)
    • As of yesterday, Parsoid will now generate localized image options (e.g thumb, left). This is a followup based on changes to core that reordered aliases for wikis so that Parsoid can pick a consistent choice and generate the wiki's preferred alias. The full change will take effect once the m/w train finishes deploy tomorrow
    • Additional work ongoing to replace Tidy with a HTML5 parser -- some essential Tidy functionality is now implemented as DOM passes. We'll likely not replicate all of Tidy functionality and deliberately break some corner case functionality that probably only matters for parser test runs. Announcement on wikitech-l in the coming weeks.
    • Work ongoing to get a m/w install initialized with 60K+ titles from 41 wikis (wikipedia, wikisource, wiktionary, wikivoyage) for visual diff testing -- this is proving to be somewhat of a painful process since dump import is slow and running into troubles with mediawiki vagrant (not sure if it is the import process or if it is mediawiki-vagrant -- getting help from Kunal and Bryan)


Reading InfrastructureEdit


  • Blocking:
    • none
  • Blocked:
    • none
  • Updates:
    • 5.0.2 Deployed this week to fix universal links issues cause by Apple's iOS 9.3 update
    • 5.0.3 in progress, likely deploying in 2-3 weeks
    • SWAT deployment scheduled this week to support App to Browser Handoff and sharing of credentials between Safari and the iOS app (
    • Working with Apple to fix universal links not working on lower traffic domains (


  • Blocking:
    • none
  • Blocked:
    • none
  • Updates:
    • Working to get Reading Lists wrapped up
    • Next up: The Feed


  • Near to deploying updated "Read in other language" button icon to top of mobile web
  • New mobile web language overlay running at 100%
  • Request: initial security assessment of HoverCards
  • Image lazy loading in beta
  • Reference lazy loading WIP

Mobile Content Service (MCS)Edit

Community TechEdit


Fundraising TechEdit

  • No blocking / blockers
  • running 1 hr full traffic test in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay
    • (still working out Mexico bug)
  • planning integration with new PayPal API
  • more DonationInterface refactoring
  • more work towards reversible CiviCRM merges
  • email unsubscribe fixes
  • Netherlands bank transfer fixes
  • Education Program needs rails dev, has money for contractor. Might be able to use WikiEducation Foundation, but if you have suggestions please contact Tighe Flanagan




Release EngineeringEdit

Technical OperationsEdit

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