Scrum of scrums/2016-03-23



Community TechEdit


Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • AuthManager is still coming! (see three weeks ago for details)
    • Behind schedule though, but we think we're about there on the core patches.
  • It looks like we're getting close on the load.php thing, too.

Mobile Content ServiceEdit


  • 2.1.143 beta published. Expected to be promoted to production soon.


  • Updates:
    • 5.0.1 was released today - all bug fix updates
    • Hockey app is currently much happier - less crashes
  • Upcoming:
    • Enabling handoff from Mac browser to iOS app and credentials sharing by updating a file on the server
    • No time frame for next release (but expect it within 3 weeks) - currently deciding whether to do another bug fix or do 5.1 with features
  • Blocking:
    • Nothing


  • Lazy loaded images rolling to beta mobile web
  • Structured Language Overlay - trying to push it to 100% stable
  • Language Switcher button - beta for now
  • Lazy loading references
  • Bug fixes and tweaks to the Language Overlay
  • Ship the language switcher
  • Semi-structured sprint



  • Blocking:
    • External store work
  • Blocked:
  • Updates:
    • Working on support for Flow notifications being properly hidden on moderation
    • Work on the Echo special page
    • Changed MobileFrontend to reuse Echo code
    • Working on Flow bug fixes



  • Blocking:
    • None
  • Blocked:
    • None
  • Updates:
    • UploadWizard fixes and performance stuff on the way, currently in the works
    • ImageTweaks is slow going, currently there's a patch in core that it depends on, probably won't be moving as quickly as we thought


  • Blocking:
    • None?
  • Blocked:
    • None
  • Updates:
    • Somewhat of a lull in activity last couple weeks (with vacation, time off, 20% work)
    • But, heads up for VE, CX, Flow, Reading teams about -- been filing dependent tasks for various teams. Parsoid side of the work should mostly be ready for merge in 2-3 weeks. But, other dependent tasks need to be resolved, performance and client blockers will be considered before enabling this in production.


Fundraising TechEdit

  • No blocking/blockers
  • DonationInterface mw1.27 tests are failing on some i18n core change, but they're no longer voting
  • Raft of CiviCRM enhancements to make logging more robust and enable reverting contact merges
  • Testing new Latin American payment methods in previously unpestered countries
  • Pondering how to make payments use a more recent version of mediawiki
  • More DonationInterface refactoring


Release EngineeringEdit

  • Blocking:
    • ???
  • Blocked:
    • None
  • Updates:
    • Reminder: Code freeze & Dallas switchover week of April 18
    • Trebuchet -> Scap migration! Get in touch if you need it
      • There is a super secret irc channel on freenode, cryptically named #scap3
      • scap 3.1 should be deployed soon, now with moar git-fat support. This will unblock some services switching from Trebuchet to scap.


Research and DataEdit


  • Blocking:
    • ???
  • Blocked:
    • ???
  • Updates:
    • 2FA updates for wikitech today. 2FA available on SUL wikis to Staff next week.


Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocking:
  • Blocked:
    • none
  • Updates:
    • All the rdb100* hosts (Redis Job Queue) have been re-imaged with Debian.
    • ORES database hosts ready, looking for some help with scap3 and ORES