Scrum of scrums/2016-03-02




  • Blocking:
    • Anyone working on Hadoop, due to encoding issue, reported on the list, leaves cluster unavailable probably until Monday March 7th.
  • Blocked:
    • (nobody we know)
  • Updates:
    • Some of our JVMs started with a non-UTF8 encoding causing page title extraction to create weird characters. We're fixing by backfilling data back to February 22nd. Due to this backfilling, the cluster will be busy and so we asked people to not use it until it's caught back up. Going forward we found an environment variable that will enforce the proper file.encoding.
    • The Analytics Query Service (which hosts the pageview API) is fully split up from RESTBase, so we'll be able to add features and new endpoints more easily.
    • Shifting to declaratively specifying which requests are pageviews, by setting a value in the X-Analytics header. If you're writing clients that generate what should be considered a "pageview", come talk to us.

Release EngineeringEdit



  • Blocking:
    • none?
  • Blocked:
    • ???
  • Updates:
    • Finishing review of horizon 2fa
    • Lots of security patches to deploy
    • sysop password policy, hash upgrades next week


Technical OperationsEdit



  • Blocking:
    • none
  • Blocked:
    • Security Review of SVG sanitization node lib
    • Security Review of PHP Schema validator lib
    • Ops: Need to figure out the plan for maps hardware
  • Updates:
    • Portal stats updated
    • Portal UI improvements in code review, will be released soon
    • Upgrading ES to 1.7.5
    • Working on ES tuning & logging improvements
    • WDQS upgraded to BG 2.0 successfully
    • Releasing Kartographer next week to Wikivoyage




  • Updates:
    • Working towards a new beta with support for user options.


Mobile Content ServiceEdit

Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • SessionManager seems to be pretty solidly out there. We've been working with Performance to add in-process caching in some critical places, and preparing to set MW_NO_SESSIONS for the load.php entry point as mentioned last week.
  • AuthManager is coming!
    • No longer blocking: Mobile apps: You should be able to start testing the API changes on now, the API classes should hopefully be stable at this point.
    • We plan to have the core patches feature complete by March 15.
      • The plan is to include a temporary feature flag, and to merge it to master with the flag disabled ASAP to make testing and updating extensions easier.
      • Blocked: SECURITY: We could use security review on the AuthManager core bits as soon as possible.
      • Help requested: SECURITY: Double-checking that any auth-related security changes in core aren't going to be lost would also be very helpful.
    • Then we will start looking at WMF-deployed extensions that need updating (and send another email to wikitech-l).
      • The current list of extensions that seem to need some sort of attention is the blockers of; look for access to $wgAuth, AuthPlugin, or a list of hooks that will eventually be posted on that bug. Most of these we'll probably fix ourselves, but help will be appreciated if anyone is interested.
      • Help to be requested: Mobile: We'd really appreciate your help making sure that MobileFrontend functions if the AuthManager feature flag is enabled. We think the impact will mostly be in whatever you're injecting into the login and account creation pages.
      • Help to be requested: Language: The Translate extension's TranslateSandbox class is creating and even trying to delete local users, which is scary and will likely need work.
        • NL: That's by design ;) Not used in WMF but in Ping me on IRC or so.
      • Help to be requested: Ops/Labs?: Bryan Davis is going to talk to Andrew Bogott and Alex Monk about collaborating on testing the changes we'll have to make to LdapAuthentication and OpenStackManager on the existing infrastructure you're using for testing your OpenStackManager changes.
      • FYI: Security: At least CentralAuth, LdapAuthentication, and OATHAuth will likely want security reviews as those patches are written.
    • Once all the extensions are fixed and tested, then we'll talk about scheduling the feature flag being turned on.



  • Blocking:
    • External Store - Prep work for External Store on Beta is in progress.
  • Blocked:
    • No new blockers
  • Updates:
    • Following up on cross-wiki notifications, e.g. changing how human-readable names work.
    • Most Flow board move issues are fixed, working on one remaining thing.
    • Temporarily disabled thank you notification due to bug


  • Blocking: Nothing
  • Blocked: Nope
  • Updates:
    • Next week will be slow week


  • Blocking: N/A
  • Blocked: N/A
  • Updates:
    • Potential issues with licensing in ImageTweaks, working on it
    • Wikibase for Commons repository was requested, which is exciting
    • Performance improvements to UploadWizard rolling out


  • Blocking: Not that I know of – From Labs:
  • Blocked: None
  • Updates:
    • Templatedata-based serialization deployed last Wednesday
      • Follow ups and bug fixes in progress
    • Attribute parsing in tags now uses HTML5 parsing semantics ( ) -- frwikisource needed a lot of fixes for <pages from= to= .. > style tags that editors fixed with a bot.
      • Parsoid-side fix went out on Monday
      • core-side fix will go out with wmf15 train
    • Some progress on -- Kunal's logging seems to have yielded results and he pushed a fix to the MobileFrontend extension.
    • Work ongoing to set up prod wiki clones on labs vms -- more involved than it should be. Required for visual diff testing to test tweaks / changes to wikitext parsing / tidy replacement / etc.


  • Blocking:
    • None known.
  • Blocked:
    • Waiting on Design Research availability for user testing of Single Edit Tab integration
  • Updates:
    • Single Edit Tab live on group0 and Hungarian Wikipedia; next up, Polish Wikipedia, then English.
    • OOUI on all pages: Initial proof-of-concept code being written. Deployment will not be next week, and will be in concert with Discovery and Performance teams.

Fundraising TechEdit

  • No blockers
  • preparing real donor test of backup worldwide credit card processor
  • Working out final details of Latin American payment processing expansion
  • Steady stream of CiviCRM enhancements for us and upstream
  • More experiments in fraud monitoring and blocking
  • Adam Wight and Andrew Green return from a month of work on education program tools