Scrum of scrums/2016-02-17




  • Blocking:
    • Discovery with a pageview API bug: T127034, Dan is working on it right now
    • Multimedia with dumps parsing asks: T126808, T126809, Analytics will triage hopefully soon (within one or two weeks, but backlog is huge)
  • Blocked
    • Services (known) because we need to refactor / move AQS (Analytics Query Service) out of the restbase repo
  • Updates:
    • Same as last time, nothing new is ongoing


[No update.]


[No update.]

Release EngineeringEdit




  • Blocking:
    • Nobody
  • Blocked:
  • Updates:
    • RESTBase: dropping listing URIs (/pagr/html/ , ...)
    • Cassandra multi-instance work _still_ undergoing

Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocking:
    • ORES moving into production, finally hardware is in place
  • Blocked:
    • Nothing
  • Updates:
    • Ongoing discussions/work about the switchover goal
    • Moved with LE cxserver to jessie and node 4.2


Community TechEdit


    • none
    • none
    • Building more analytics about user satisfaction in completion
    • TextCat merged, A/B tests to follow
    • WDQS Blazegraph 2.0 work still in progress, getting there
    • Discussing adding caching layer, for ops attention:
    • Discussing QuickSurvey with ops

Maps & GraphsEdit

  • Kartographer (maps) launched on beta cluster, getting ready to enable it on Wikivoyage
    • VE has been helping, thanks Ed Sanders
  • Graphs can support WDQS, but might need caching (N.B. Operations)
  • Created a page-views graph - can be placed on a talk page to show corresponding view for the past N days.
  • Security: need SVG sanitization lib review (Security) -
    • Note that Performance were thinking of shipping sanitised user-provided SVGs to clients (instead of server-rendered PNGs), which would also need this functionality.
      • Are we sanitizing SVG on upload/download? Or do we always convert them in a sanbox env to PNG?
        • RIght now in production we always convert in a sandbox to PNG for normal page views, and (?) don't sanitise at all for download of the original SVG (on file pages).
        • We sanitize on upload, mostly show PNG's in articles. Raw svg's are served from upload.wm.o (untrusted domain)




  • Blocking:
    • Apertium packages?
  • Blocked:
    • None.
  • Updates:
    • cxserver migrated to Jessie with help of Alex



  • Blocking:
    • None
  • Blocked:
    • None
  • Updates:
    • Work ongoing setting up mass visualdiff testing of rendering between 2 different mediawiki versions -- will appreciate help / feedback setting up mediawiki VMs (one per wiki) that closely reflects production config (extensions, skins, etc.). Currently considering vagrant, as well as manual setup (via scripts).
    • Awaiting additional reviews / merge on the path to serialize HTML while using TemplateData settings (hopefully this week) -- first round of reviewing and edits done.


  • Blocking:
    • None.
  • Blocked:
    • Waiting on Design Research availability for user testing of Single Edit Tab integration
  • Updates:
    • Will release the Single Edit Tab integration to a single wiki next Tuesday (huwiki) and assess impact
    • Working with Performance on assessing the performance impact of OOUI on all read pages – will update next week on results.
    • Otherwise, we're working on performance issues, bugs, and language support, as normal.

Fundraising TechEdit

No blockers, most work is continued from last week

  • Implemented updates for new CiviCRM financial tracking, filling in the last missing pieces
  • fixes and enhancements for backup credit card processor
  • prep for Latin America fundraising expansion
  • beefing up fraud filters



  • Updates:
    • v2.1.141 published. Includes A/B test of readmore results.


Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • Nothing of note this week.