Scrum of scrums/2016-02-03





  • New related pages desktop design pushed, will measure engagement
  • Instrumentation in prep for language switcher change [analytics]
  • new user page designs on mobile web beta going live
  • Extension:Gather - PageImages showing non-free images - meeting scheduled to iron out API request/response format to first try in Related Articles on web to adjust output


  • New beta coming soon with improved memory usage for images and support for animations. Also includes A/B testing for CirrusSearch (T125393).


  • Will be integrating "top articles" feature using pageviews API
  • Looking forward to mobileview API change from web team to get article namespaces!

Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • Nothing much this week. SessionManager should be coming back into master once wmf.12 is verified not to break stuff.

Community TechEdit

  • No update.




  • No update.


  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked: none
  • Updates:
    • Work on image tweaks extension continues; may need input later.


  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked: Need input from Collaboration, see below.
  • Updates:



  • Data import from analytics to ES started
  • Working on integrating completion suggester for all prefix searches (will involve some small API changes in SearchEngine)
  • TextCat is ready for inclusion in mediawiki/vendors, waiting for final security signoff
  • Preparing for A/B test to use opening_text instead of text in morelike query, to improve performance
  • Upgrading Wikidata Query Service to Blazegraph 2.0, so far working ok but some weird exceptions, investigating
  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked: security final signoff for textcat



  • Dashiki: implemented limn-like layout, will end-of-life most limn dashboards soon
  • Event Logging: problems were largely due to large tables, getting better as we're trimming some of those
  • Wikimetrics: finished program metrics feature, deploying soon
  • Jobs to count Uniques based on the Last-Access cookie are being productionized, will be available soon
  • Bot convention thread on analytics-l concluded with us asking non-human user agents to include the word "Bot", for analytics purposes. We'll communicate that here soon:


  • No update.

Release EngineeringEdit

  • Blocking:
  • Blocked: none
  • Updates:
    • 1.27.0-wmf.11 was skipped (and burned in effigy)
    • 1.27.0-wmf.12 delayed by staging issues yesterday but train is starting today
      • fun firefighting due to /srv/mediawiki-staging being wiped out
      • wmf.12 does not contain SessionManager due to an outstanding bug that remains unreproducible
    • scap 3.0 tagged and packaged! thanks ops!
    • Finishing up work on puppet scap provider


  • No update.


  • No update.


  • use RESTBase instead
  • RESTBase
  • added streaming support
  • refactor: separating out the framework part of RESTBase
  • minor tweaks and bug fixes
  • EventBus

Technical OperationsEdit

  • No update.


Fundraising TechEdit

  • Adam Wight and Andrew Green taking the month off fr-tech to work on Education Program extension
  • Got CI jobs running against paymentswiki branch of mediawiki (voting) with 1.27 non-voting (thank you releng)
  • more CiviCRM enhancements
  • fixes and enhancements for backup credit card processor
  • prep for Latin America fundraising expansion
  • investigating banner impression data outage that started yesterday (