Scrum of scrums/2016-01-27





  • Hotfix for login issues, v2.1.138, in production.
  • v2.1.139 beta published for changes in Wiktionary API and removal of "m." requests.
  • Android saved synchronized articles implementation in progress (using API's userjs feature).
  • Even better memory profile coming soon.


  • Evaluating pageviews API usage for "Trending/Top Articles" feature in 5.0
  • Need to start evaluating impact of API usage in 5.0 (particularly extensive use of extracts prop w/ search
  • Login/Account creation integration meeting (AuthManager API changes in MW core)


  • User page enhancements coming to mobile web (removal of Special:UserProfile)
  • PageImages API updates being examined (Fair use of images)
  • Language overlay changes
  • QuickSurveys enhancements

Reading InfrastructureEdit

Community TechEdit



  • Got parallel corpora tables created
  • Working on AbuseFilter
    • Many articles not published due to AbuseFilter warnings/errors
    • We are improving UI to better surface these warnings and what they mean
    • Also trying to figure how to get more exact locations of the issues out of AbuseFilter
    • If any AbuseFilter experts around, I might have questions
  • cxserver itself is ready for Node 4.2, but the Apertium packages are still WIP (T106385), no estimate of when they'll be done.
    • how urgent is this?
      • Answer: Don't have to do both at the same time.


  • Moriel is working on having human-readable names for all Wikimedia wikis available programatically in all languages. Initially, this will be used for cross-wiki notifications, but it can potentially be used in many other areas.
  • Jaime approved the Flow dry run patch for the External Store migration. It now needs to be reviewed by our team and then tested on Beta Cluster.
  • I'll (Matt Flaschen) be at FOSDEM, and lead the MediaWiki stand presence. I'm also presenting on the LiquidThreads to Flow conversion. See wikitech-l for more information.



  • No known blockers or blockees.


  • found temp solution for load spikes, moved more_like traffic to another cluster
  • working on yearly plan/budget
  • started loading analytics data into ElasticSearch, full run takes ~12 hrs, may need to look for performance improvement
  • Working on integrating completion search into SearchEngine API
  • Blazegraph 2.0 is out, Wikidata Query service upgrading soon
  • Blocked:
    • need help from Ops for access analytics->codfw for elastic20{01..24}.codfw.wmnet, er, I 'd rather not have ACLs on the routers referring to non intra DC things. Why is that needed ? Task ? Same reason we needed it before, we need to get data from analytics to ES machines and this is the only way we found we can do it right now.

eqiad access works, but codfw one does not.


Fundraising TechEdit

  • Creating CI job to test DonationInterface on mw branch deployed on payments cluster
    • thanks Antoine!
  • Working on new fraud filters
  • More CiviCRM fixes and improvements
  • Making code changes to expand Latin America fundraising from just Brazil to six other countries


Technical OperationsEdit


  • EventBus
  • extension emitting events live in prod
  • Move to Jessie and Node 4.2
  • Graphoid and Citoid - done
  • CXServer - please check!
  • Apertium pkgs?
  • RELENG. CI support for Node 4.2
  • RELENG. Migrate to Node 4.2 in BetaCluster
  • task to be created :P


  • More patches on the cluster; deploying updates for LanguageConverter this week
  • Keystone plugin development underway


  • Blocked: none
  • Blocked by:
    • ORES moving to new meso-level (Labs < Meso < Prod) support -- blocked on Ops time to set up machines

Release EngineeringEdit

  • Blocking: YES (as of today ;-) )
  • Blocked: none
  • Updates:
    • scap 3.0 will be tagged and packaged soon
      • Finishing work on puppet provider
    • Shifting the MW train window starting next week to 2000 UTC (noon PST)
    • Re-deploying 1.27.0-wmf.11 this week after last week's rollback due to SessionManager issues
    • Discussing ways to improve reliability and recoverability of train deploys (tools and process)
    • Annual planning all the things