Scrum of scrums/2016-01-13




  • v2.1.137 beta published. Includes a new native article toolbar and lower memory usage.

Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • Nothing blocked this week.
  • SessionManager and bot passwords should be going out next week.


  • Working on load test for Dallas cluster
  • Load spikes on weekend for ES getting worse, cause not clear yet, investigating ( )
    • Did some brainstorming, discovered queries generating a lot of ES calls to handle variants, with very low success rate. Will investigate removing them.
  • Finalizing data models for TextCat language detection library, security review next
  • Testing for upgrading WDQS to Blazegraph 2.0 once it's released
  • No blockers

Community TechEdit



  • Blocking: nothing
  • Blocked on: nothing
  • Updates:
    • Differential migration discussion at WikiDev16 went really well, very positive, no roadblocks placed
    • Scap3 discussion at WikiDev16 also really positive, looking for more early adopters

Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocking: nothing
  • Blocked on: nothing
  • Updates:
    • Started work on the new Quarter goals


  • moved to Node 4.2 - RESTBase, Mobile Content Service, Mathoid
  • in progress: Graphoid and Citoid
  • working on enabling pre-generation for Mobile Content Service


  • Should get to Kartographer this week
  • Several patches to deploy this week
  • Schedule your reviews!

Fundraising TechEdit

  • cleaning up after December
  • updating CiviCRM extensions to use new core features



  • Blocking: nothing
  • Blocked on: nothing
  • Updates:
    • Single Edit Tab work nearing completion. Planned to release to one wiki next week if all goes well for validation before larger rollout.
    • Note the OOUI breaking release from yesterday (in -wmf.11); no known impacts.


  • Blocking: nothing
  • Blocked on: nothing
  • Updates
    • Hoping to finish up (this week) puppetizing testing infrastructure on ruthenium
    • Coordinating with reading and services to reduce size of HTML payload.


  • Blocking: nothing
  • Blocked on: nothing
  • Updates:
    • Christmas A/B test for cross-wiki upload tool inconclusive. Not sure what's next happening.


  • Blocking: nothing
  • Blocked on: nothing


  • Mostly Echo stuff. Cross-wiki notification stuff is getting closer.
  • MediaWiki-Vagrant code for cross-wiki notifications is implemented and almost merged. This will also facilitate other local multi-wiki testing, e.g. Flow.
  • Flow Nuke fix merged.